Monday, November 5, 2012

:: a soft & gentle touch ::

As women we are naturally keen of gentle and soft treatment especially when it is related to our body.

Have you ever gone "ouch" when cleaning or toning your skin?

Are you worried about the fine lines or red and peeling skin that no amount of moisturiser seem to help?

 Does your skin has any of these criteria?

If YES, it is never too late to change because if you have dry, sensitive or fragile skin mainly due to exposure to harsh skin products or long-term neglect, Cosmoderm's Gentle Co-Enzyme Q10 series for Dry and Sensitive Skin is your solution to hydrated, healthy and youthful skin. It is a frightening fact but neglected skin may result in weaker skin cells hence speeding up the aging process (oh, NO!)

The Gentle Co-Enzyme Q10 series that may able to help you getting healthy and youthful skin come in four (4) simple steps:

Step 1
Q10 Gentle Milky Foam Cleanser

Step 2
Q10 Gentle Toning Lotion

Step 3
Q10 Gentle Day Moisturiser

Step 4
Q10 Gentle Night Revival Cream

Simple explanation on how the products work:

There is nothing more promising than Cosmoderm's Gentle Co-Enzyme Q10 series for Dry and Sensitive Skin and have I told you that the products are Halal certified?

Due to this recently launched Gentle Series line, Cosmoderm is offering special introductory price for all items which can be ordered via online through this link --> (click here

If you have any question regarding Cosmoderm Gentle Series line, feel free to drop them a message at

* This is a sponsored post by Cosmoderm Malaysia *

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