Tuesday, April 2, 2013

:: new blingz in da houz ::

New necklace collection bought and received within one week. 
It is not easy to be a lady you know *alasan* :-P

1. Layered multicolour necklace from Dorothy Perkins (thanks to Nor)
2. Pearl blingz bib necklace from Shenzen, China (thanks to mother-in-law)
3. Mint green teardrops necklace from Shenzen, China (self bought - thanks to myself)
4. Black crystal beads bib necklace from Shenzen, China (thanks to mother-in-law)
5. Neon pink daisy bib necklace from Shenzen, China (self bought)

p/s: All Diva outlets is having sale now. It is worth to have a look because this time the items are pretty and colourful. The collection is a lot better than the previous sale. Selling price for each sale item is RM9, RM13 or RM21.

p/p/s: I'm still thinking about the pastel purple and the colourful pastel garland necklaces I saw in Diva Mid Valley yesterday. Are they still available for me? Now, as I wrote earlier it is not easy to be a lady *_*

p/p/p/s: I still regret I only bought that two accessories in Shenzen. Luckily my MIL bought another two when she was doing her shopping. Now I want to go back there again. Hwaaa!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

smuanya cantik2 atie..

phatgurl said...

Thanks Lily! :-)

Anonymous said...

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