Thursday, November 28, 2013

:: ady's biodata ::

Pics taken between June to October 2013

One significant memory of childhood is having an autograph book. The book was passed around to one and another, and to be completed with wishes as well as individual's biodata. The autograph book is a memorabilia so I thought why don't Ady has his "autograph" here
(but prepared by me, of course ^_^).


Name: Ady Rifqi bin Abdullah Adil
Birthdate: 17 June 2011
Birthplace: Hospital Putrajaya
Birth Time: 9:09 pm
Birth Weight: 3.12kg
Current Weight: around 13kg
Nicknames: Ady, Baby, Sayang, Cho'ang
Hobbies: Watching toys reviews or nursery rhymes on YouTube, playing with toys (Thomas & friends and other vehicles), playing games on iPad 
Favourite Food: Nothing specific - usually eat what ever parents feed him
Favourite Drinks: Iced tea, Chatime pearl milk tea, syrup, Vitagen - grape flavour
Favourite Flavour: Chocolate instead of vanilla (Team Mama wins)
Favourite Colour: not yet identified
Favourite Place-to-Go: Petrol station (refer all stations as 'Nonas' aka Petronas)
Favourite TV Programs: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, High 5, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Elmo's World, Pocoyo
Top 5 Words: Nak, Nanakkk, Jom, Eeeiii, Alaaa
Top 5 Gestures: Bye bye *waving*, Handshake, Flying kiss, Giving a kiss, Giving a hug
Current Obsessions: Transportation & Surprise Egg
Okay, no more idea to write autograph.
In general Ady is a cheerful boy who is also cheeky. I would say he is a bit of 'prim and proper' as he usually sit on his stool behind the table before eating even if he is eating snacks alone, hardly forgot to turn off the tap before leaving the bathroom, even willingly show his dirty hands to be washed and others.
He might be well behaved most of the time but he is still a very young boy who sometimes tested his parents' patience and temper with his crankiness and screaming over slow internet connection that caused his youtube video to load slowly. He might not listen to instructions all the time, but one thing for sure just feed him well before going for a shopping spree because just like the malay saying, 'gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati'.
...just something he did to melt my heart...
...and something I did to win his heart...
Being his playmate, going up and down the slide at McD play area :-D

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