Wednesday, January 1, 2014

:: the first of 2014 ::

After a long disappearance I suddenly become a frequent blogger (not). Actually I didn't switch off this laptop after publishing the last blog entry for 2013 although after hitting the 'publish' button we all went out to view fireworks on a flyover - had nasi lemak at Warung Nasi Lemak Opah in Taipan USJ area - came back playing with Ady and finishing up a DIY project - but since the laptop is still alive, I want to take this opportunity to publish the first entry of 2014.

We welcomed the new year on the flyover of USJ to Sunway route. We did it for the first time in 2013 so this is the second year and having the chance to view most fireworks displayed in the Klang Valley area from the spot is all we need. No entertainment required. Just waited in the car, went out of the car merely 2-3 minutes before the clock strikes 12:00, enjoyed the view, snapped few photos and off we go when the sky turned dark again. Back in the old days my definition of new year celebration was hanging out at the KLCC park enjoying performance and watching fireworks on top of my head but that definition is no longer available these days. I don't mind admitting what I did in the past - they all remain in memory and I'm blissful with the life I'm having now as an adult, a wife and a mother. I'm not sure what kind of blog post I'm writing here so before I ramble further here is my first pic for the year 2014:
 Ady was actually watching fireworks from Sunway Lagoon. here is another shot...
...few seconds after the first pic...
Ah, better view!
My eyes couldn't sleep through out the night. Before started writing this post I just finished creating a headpiece for a ballerina. I received an order from someone at the office for her daughter ballet performance. I know nothing about ballet so I have asked the customer to share pic of a sample as well as the attire. The colour combo is gold and blue; and this is how the end result looks like:
 Hopefully both mother and daughter are satisfied and happy
*worried face*

So there goes my six hours of day one in 2014. Wishing and hoping for wonderful, blessed and healthy 364 days ahead.


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