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Living with cats is fun and exciting, yet annoying at certain times. We have 5 cats; 4 of them are siblings while another 1 was rescued by hubby from neighbour's drain. Believe me, cats are just like human beings. They have individual personality and that contributes to the fun and exciting part because they can make you laugh and in awe with their behaviours. However, the annoying part comes when I am rushing in the morning, fully dress to work and one comes brushing his/her fur all around my black pants. Another part is when returning home from work and 'welcomed' by pools of cats' puke on the floor. Honestly, I have cleaned up more cats' puke than my own son's but that is just part and parcel of having pets at home. 

Few weeks ago I found cleaning products that are animal friendly and most importantly, safe for use around pets. They are specially formulated to put the hurt on dirt without harming our furry babies.

They are called method

Love at first sight: I'm so into their modern and sleek packaging
Armed with its distinctive packaging shape, effective non-toxic plant-based formulation, vibrant fragrances and sustainability practices, method is the real deal!
  • No animal testing - method performs absolutely no animal testing on any of their products and does not endorse, request or commission any animal testing on their behalf
  • No animal by-products - instead of using animal by-products, they use innovations like renewable plant-based stuff tha tare 100% gross-stuff-free
  • Cruelty free company - in 2006, PETA named their co-founders Adam Lowry & Eric Ryan as their 'People of the Year' and recognized method with Proggy (progressive business) Award
As an animal lover, these facts are in line with my personal believe and value. Animals should not be harmed because nowadays there are other available alternatives in testing and developing a products.

method squirt + mop wood floor cleaner

This is the cleaner that has been making my life easier these days. I have been using it for two (2) purposes; regular floor mopping as well as spot cleaning.

With 5 cats running all around the house everyday, paw prints are often visible on the floor especially in the kitchen as the wood is darker in colour. Just like its name, I only need to squirt few splashes of liquid on the floor and start mopping using a damp mop to keep the area clean. No need to dilute liquid with water and no rinsing required, hence saves a lot of time!

Personally I prefer to mop the entire area twice. First with the product, while second time only with damp mop and I found the result is excellent as the floor will look flawless and 'silky smooth'. The best of all is the soothing almond scent. I could not describe how the exact smell is but it's totally different from normal cleaners out there which usually have fruity or chemical smells. Totally addictive. I was impressed to know that the sleek design bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic. Yeay to the spirit of saving our mother earth.

Every mid week or weekend our 5 furry friends have their 'makan besar' of wet food. Just like kids they usually leave leftovers and stains on the floor. With the squirt + mop, I no longer need to frown at the mess because with one squirt and a damp cloth the area is clean, smooth and smells good.

Not only that, I also use squirt + mop after cooking to clean up oil stains on the kitchen floor... and also cleaning all the yucky cats' puke  x _ x

method limited edition designed for good hand wash gel

After every cleaning up, it is important to keep myself hygienic so as such, I will use either one of these lovely method limited edition hand wash gel.

method believe in design as a force for good, which is precisely the inspiration behind their 'designed for good' hand wash. The naturally derived, biodegradable formula comes in 2 unique, nature-inspired fragrances that remain constant while evolving original designs tell a series of though-provoking stories. 'Designed for good' is a platform that allows method to partner with design stars, charities and others who share their commitment to caring for people and the planet.

Mimosa Sun to me smells like tangerine and reminds me of hot summer days, meanwhile Botanical Garden smells like a garden full of lilies. Both leave hands clean and smell so fresh.
method Malaysia is currently running a contest for pet owners on their Facebook page.
If you're also a pet owner like me, go check out method Malaysia FB page today as the contest runs until 6 March 2015.
Each winner will bring home a bottle of method floor cleaner and a pair of their limited edition 'designed for good' hand wash gel; similar to what I have been using.
Really like the fact that my method cleaners can be replenished without hassle through online order. Click here for their online store.

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