Wednesday, October 27, 2010

:: back to reality ::

Alhamdulillah... we have safely arrived home. It was a wonderful trip and except the cold wind, Melbourne was such a beautiful and peaceful place. To Isma and Hairil, you are the best hosts ever. We couldn't thank you enough for the comfort, good food, tour and not forgetting the patience and tolerance you've given us through out our stay. Do keep in touch and we look forward to seeing both of you back in Malaysia sometime next year. 

Being in a vacation is like going into another life. Nothing much to worry as if there is no other responsibilities except enjoying yourself, visiting places and go shopping. No matter how hectic the day was, your mind is still in relax mode because you would not think about work and other heavy commitments. Unfortunately those days are over and I'm now back into reality. Despite that I'm still glad to be back especially to meet our lil' sweetheart, KiKi. We picked her up from Zul & Azizi Boarding Pets in Puchong on our way home from the airport. I can't tell how excited I was to see her again because I've missed her so much. Thanks Zul for the good service and I will do a special entry later to share my testimonial. KiKi smells so nice and her fur is silky smooth after the grooming. I am glad because she seemed happy to see us and still remember her favourite spots. She is now sleeping besides me like she always did but this time with her hand covering her face ... ah, she is indeed the cutest cat I've ever seen. 

I will share my unforgettable moments hopefully in the next entry but for now here is a sneak peek of what we did during our stay in Melbourne:


(drum rolls)


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