Wednesday, October 27, 2010

:: the easiest & cheapest diy toy for cats ::

KiKi got another new toy and this time it's a plastic ball. Seriously, if you really want to do a DIY toy for your cat and looking for something cheap and easy, this is the best thing I would recommend you:

What you need is a plastic bag, preferably a thicker one. I used a transparent plastic bag that wrapped my convocation robe, similar plastic bag people normally used to wrap new t-shirts, fabrics, etc. Just crumple and squeeze the bag into a round shape and put a small bell somewhere in the ball to attract attention. Test the sound first, don't put the bell too deep inside to get a louder sound and when everything is okay, just seal it around with a transparent tape - voila you're done~! 

The best thing about this plastic ball is its weight. It is light and bounces easily when KiKi plays with her paws. Moreover, sound that came from the bell and the plastic itself makes it catchier and attracts her attention to chase for the ball. At least she can play by herself for a while before asking me to play with her. Totally awesome and I'm so proud with my own handmade product ;-)

Since this entry is about KiKi, hopefully it is not too much for me to share what we bought for her as souvenirs from Melbourne:

Aren't they cute??? A pink paw print pet blanket and matching pink paw print socks for our furkid. That blanket was the first item we bought in Melbourne. It was purchased at the BigW for only AUD2, which equivalents to RM6 only meanwhile the socks were bought at Victoria Market. I like~! 

... and KiKi loves 'em too ...
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Blackie007 said...

The plastic ball looks cool. My cats like to play with the plastic bag that comes with laundry that was sent for dry cleaning. Seems like cats are obsessed with plastic, huh?

By the way, I love those kitty socks. Can you put them on your Kiki and post a photo of her wearing it? :)

phatgurl said...

Thanks Blackie! Yeah, maybe they like plastic because of the 'crispy' sound it produces.

I dunno whether she's gonna like the socks... just need to wait and find the right moment to try them on her. Will upload the photo if we succeed :-)

John Henrix said...

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