Saturday, October 23, 2010

:: from melbourne with love ::

HellooOooOoo folks... g'day!

How are you guys? I didn't get a chance to bid farewell because I had panic attack during day of departure to Melbourne. Planned to do my packing the night before but instead, I slept until the next morning and only started packing few hours before our flight. Huhuhu. Anyway let's just forget about that cuz we've arrived safe and sound in this beautiful, calm city and welcomed by the lovely hosts, Isma & Hairil. It's a bit chilly today cuz it was raining... but I know I should enjoy this cold weather before I'm back to the humid country.

Will definitely write about our full journey when we're back in few more days and as for today, we're going to the city in a bit. Hope to see you again... taa!


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