Wednesday, October 20, 2010

:: on leisure mood ::

I purposely arrived late this morning. One, I somehow got fed-up with parking problem and secondly, the fact that our company doesn't seem to bother about it. What's the purpose of coming at 7:45 am - 1 hour 15 minutes before office hour (I opted for 9:00 am - 6:00 pm office hour) if you're still unable to park in the building because it's full house. It's either pay RM8 - RM10 for the illegal open space parking or park at the roadside for free and receive summons from DBKL, police or both. We all know that consequence comes when people break rule, and in this case we break the rule by parking on yellow line. But, does anybody care to find root of this problem? No but they rather choose to continuously punishing the rule breakers. Hello Mr.DBKL and abang pol, if you see there are hundred cars parking at the same road - at the same office area everyday... there must be something wrong with the parking space la kan. If we can fold our cars and put them in our pockets, we must've done it. Do you care to act and try solving the problem by providing metered parking space by the roadside for instance? I'll answer that question because you'll say NO and that is because you enjoy hitting the jackpot and making money from people around this area every single day. Pxagwakhisudsd...!!

Sorry about that. I automatically get emotional everytime I talk about parking problem in this area. Positive energy, please come back to me... fuhh fuhhh.

{*waiting for positive energy to return}

... Ok, I'm not in the mood for work since last week. Our system's server is down due to migration process so I keep on telling my colleagues that it's break time for us. There are still requests to entertain, but I procrastinated and completed them in my own sweet time. Seriously, I feel like a sloth at work. But, when it comes to personal interest like what I'm doing now (blogging) the feeling is different and I'm enjoying it. Not only this, I've also got in touch with my creative side and created handmade cards, digital scrapbook designs and an accessory during office hours since last few days. It obviously seems like I'm on leisure mood and wanna know why?

Our vacation trip starts tomorrow. Yippee yeay! Months of waiting has finally come to end and we're leaving on a jet plane to Melbourne, Australia tomorrow noon. I'm not saying goodbye yet because I plan to do it before we departed tomorrow, but in the meantime:
Havva G'day Mate!

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