Wednesday, November 24, 2010

:: 2 alam vs. ac konsortium ::

Those two names are currently top in Malaysian cyber news. What's with 2 Alam? What is actually 2 Alam? In case you didn't know it's a Malay movie title currently showing in theatres through out the country. Sensational news about that movie is not about the actors or actresses nor the director but all spotlights are shining towards the producer, Dr. Rozmey or better known as DDR. Early this year he proudly said his movie will hit box office with RM2 million income then somewhere through out the year increased the number to RM4 million and then RM40 million!

Yes, we're not talking about Hollywood movie here but Malaysian made movie which so far achieved RM6.33 million as the highest income for Jangan Pandang Belakang... and DDR expected 4 times more than that. 2 Alam started showing in local cinemas Thursday last week and so far Dr. Rozmey has received numerous negative comments instead of cash. Earliest feedbacks were received from the media when they managed to watch it during the preview in conjunction with FFM23. There were lots of very harsh, negative comments and one of them is:

"Sesiapa yang sanggup nak tengok 2 Alam - sedekahkanlah sahaja duit tu pada makcik jual kerepek ke orang buta minta derma. Lebih puas."

Similar comments were overflown until today especially when Dr. Rozmey himself made a statement saying his movie made RM2 million in its first day. People even spent time showing seating screen shots in several cinemas to prove he was being nuts because the theatres were mostly empty, so where did the figure came from. They were saying that Dr. Rozmey must have lived in '2 alam' himself, dreaming. That might be true because few weeks ago he even made press statement that he'll get Pamela Anderson to act in his movie next year.

Sorry DDR... I think you better stick to what you used to do either continue being a gynae or just concentrate with your Jusmate thingy because film industry is obviously not your cup of tea - hey it rhymes! Kesimpulannya, bak kata orang Negeri Sembilan, lenkali jangan "jobo"... kan dah kena... hehe.

Ok enough with DDR and his 2 worlds. Next let's talk about AC Konsortium and their magnetic bracelets. Early this month there was big buzz about AC Mizal making police report about bloggers attack to destruct his business. The famous blogger linked to this is someone with a cyber name called aididmuaddib who's totally against any MLM business. He revealed about AC Konsortium pyramid scheme / MLM business, the truth about their magnetic bracelets which actually cost USD25 but selling at RM1000+ and fake testimonials that being copied exactly from other health bracelet website. AC Mizal was obviously pissed off with the statements saying aidid was making false statements (fitnah).

The arguments still going on as there were parties supporting AC while others went against him. To be frank, I was a fan of 4U2C but that doesn't make me an ACK supporter. It is already known that MLM business couldn't last long and the only person who's making money out of all downline's money is the one on top. Despite a lot of information sharing about the truth behind MLM, many people especially Malays still being lured and willingly invest in the so-called business. I tell you, MLM people are mostly fakers. They sweet talk to get you involved and once deal is done, some even left you unattended. 

Someone close to me was involved in MLM and everybody celebrated when he was promoted to upper ranks. They were all together for conferences and talks here and there, but when he felt sick nobody from the MLM ever visited him until today... no hellos or whatever and there goes all the investment. 

It's good that someone like aidid has the guts to reveal those 'hidden secrets' to people out there and it should be an eye opener to us all. Easy come, easy go. Kesimpulannya, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. 

*keywords: dr. rozmey 2 alam, ac konsortium menipu, penipuan mlm


NaddY said...

hehehe kelakar dengar pasai cerita 2 alam tu...tak tengok pun tak de selera kot nak tengok..

i follow jugak blog aidid tu... apa shaja yang kene cari downline untuk make income for urself, is a MLM or pyramid scheme. Cuma orang melayu suka sangat ditipu sampai habis beriban-riban. Setiap kali jumpe geng yang ajak masuk MLM mesti tergelak dulu. Taktik semua sama, kata nak kaya, antar mak ayah gi mekah, pakai kereta besar...typical MLM...

nice entry by the way...

phatgurl said...

DDR tu rasanya tak bape sihat kot... wallahualam la kan tapi kalau org waras ada ke nak cakap-cakap macam tu. Pelik betul.

MLM memang wajib tayang kete & tayang cek. Ayat berbunga2 bila nak pujuk org masuk... yang peliknya dengan mcm2 pendedahan buruk ttg diorang masih lagi ramai yg percaya and terjebak dgn MLM nih kan. Bila Bank Negara dah freeze account, duit hilang, baru nak menyesal...

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