Tuesday, November 23, 2010

:: what's wrong with them? ::

Morning peeps! Let's starts the day with a bit of activity. As usual I always start my morning scrolling what's hot on yahoo news and found this pic below at yahoo omg! page. Ok now can you spot what's wrong with it?

I think Sarah Jessica Parker looks a bit weird in this pic especially with her eyes. I don't know why she keeps on getting compliments about her look, her fashion sense and all whereas (sorry to say) I think she looks like a drag queen at times. Sorry SJP, I'm so-not-one-of-your-fan.

Now here's the second pic and it's no other than Dato' Siti Nurhaliza who was attending Shout Awards held last Saturday. So, what's wrong with her?

I've seen Siti in fedora hat few times already but why must she wore it with that "veil" this time? She didn't cover much of her hair lately but that night she decided to do it. Not only that, except that large Chanel bag I believed she could get better clothes than what she was wearing too. Well, money can't buy you style bebeyh - enuff said. On a positive side, Dato' Siti has already went through tremendous change in her style and she actually look a lot more better these days than before. So don't worry about those comments Siti (and other harsh comments I've seen on FB) because one faux pas in fashion doesn't mean anything.

Ok, jom start buat keje jom!

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