Sunday, November 14, 2010

:: get well soon kiki ::

KiKi had fever this week. We left her home alone for one night last weekend and when we were back on Sunday evening I noticed her sneezing for few times. On Monday, after coming home from office I played with her and suddenly she couldn't open her right eye even after wiping it with her paw. I was pretty worried, looked at her eye and saw it was filled with mucus (tahi mata). "Something's wrong," I said to myself and later informed Bee on KiKi's condition. He was worried too so I googled and found that both symptoms lead to cat's fever. Yeap, if your cat keeps on sneezing with watery eyes that means he/she is having a fever. Answer to that = a visit to vet. 

It was Tuesday. As usual, Bee was responsible for sending KiKi to the vet because of his flexible working time. The vet confirmed her fever. Bee told me the doctor even checked her temperature by putting in a thermometer inside her anus (ouch!) and gave her a jab. Medicines provided were antibiotic and an ointment for the eye. This time Bee requested liquid antibiotics because we have experienced giving KiKi pill and it was very, very challenging. In fact we didn't manage to make her swallow it at all as she spilled it out even after few trials. 

She must be very uncomfortable and unwell after receiving the jab because after few hours, she kept on whining inside her carrier. Bee and 3 of his colleagues had to handle the situation at his shop until she stopped. She even poopoo in her carrier and when Bee brought her to the toilet she was frantically moving around searching for her sand.

Wednesday - Thursday - Friday... she's recovering day by day. However one thing that still worrying us is her decrease appetite. We noticed she gained some weight during boarding but later her body got a bit slimmer. We were afraid it was caused by worms so this morning we decided to bring her to vet again for deworming. KiKi was given a pill for the deworming and we also requested the vet to give her a shot of antibiotics because she still sneezing once in a while. When we reached home she was okay. She even ate some food and sat quietly until suddenly she started mieouwing in front of her toilet door. Since knowing about my pregnancy I have stopped handling her poopoo because it is unhealthy and dangerous for pregnant women (I'll write a post on this later) but since KiKi kept on whining I opened the door and left her a while. When she was done, I carried her to the sink for washing but she was very angry and digged one of her sharp nail into my thumb. I had to release her as my thumb was bleeding and she ran away to clean herself.

I went through an emotional moment with KiKi, talking about my feelings to her and called Bee. He came home straight away because he was worried and put KiKi in the cage so she could rest there instead. Ever since that she looked quite unwell although I took her out. She kept on sleeping and resting and mieouwing. She didn't eat and drink much. We felt so sorry for her. We didn't know whether her condition is caused by the deworming or the antibiotics. Hopefully she'll recover tomorrow though... huhuhu.

Get well soon KiKi. Mama & Papa love you!

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