Friday, November 12, 2010

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It's 'guys night in' at our house tonight. Bee's friends came over after he closed his shop and we all had KFC for dinner. It's nice having friends coming over once in a while and I do enjoy entertaining guests although the food is only take-away. Bee has virtual F1 race tonight and that's one reason why his friends are here. My hubby loves car racing and he owns a racing simulator here in our crib. They race on almost every Friday nights so when the time comes I just let him do his thing while I chill (or sleep) with KiKi in our nice, chilly room - like what I'm doing right now.

KiKi is already fast asleep on my side of bed and my eye lids are getting heavier. Thank God it's Friday. I look forward for a relaxing weekend - Saturday at home and go outing on Sunday. It was one lazy week and I don't feel good about myself at work. It's almost end of the day. I looked at my Nuffnang blog analytics for today and surprised to see this blog was visited by readers all around the world. There are 9 countries altogether, the most varities I ever had so far. 
I'm so glad and honoured because this blog normally have average number of visitors... so thanks a lot for your support guys & girls. Hope it's not your first and last visit, do come again next time keyh ;-)

Well, I guess that's it for now. Couldn't hold these eyelids any longer. See you in the next post and in the meantime, Good Night and Sweet Dreams folks! ZzZzZzZz...

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