Wednesday, November 17, 2010

:: salam aidiladha ::

Good morning and Salam Aidiladha to all... :-)

I've lived for 29 years and for the first time ever I'm away from my parents and sisters in the morning of Hari Raya (sob...sob...). Well, there's always first time for everything so this is it. I don't feel much difference actually because parents in law lives just around the corner and my family lives in Seremban, which is only 45 minutes drive away. Father in law is doing korban so if time permits us, we will still go back to Seremban later in the evening. I don't 'feel' much for Hari Raya even during the last Aidilfitri, maybe because I'm getting older. Not much excitement, no mood for shopping, just wear what ever available and go with the flow.

On other note, KiKi is on heat since this morning and that is one reason why I couldn't continue sleeping after waking up for nature call around 5:30 am. This is her first time and now we're experiencing what we've read before about cats on heat. I don't know how long we will able to stand the "loud noise" and frantic moves all around the house {sigh}. I guess we have to discuss this later and decide what ever best for her.

Oh, it's nearly 8:00 am and I haven't iron anything. Have to make a move now because prayer starts at 8:15 am. Will write again soon. In the meantime, have fun and enjoy your Raya folks!

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