Thursday, November 18, 2010

:: world's smallest lady ::

Can't remember where but I have noticed this girl in a magazine which was read by a girl and her mother several weeks ago. Today I got an email on her and found it interesting enough to be shared so she could be an inspiration to all of us.

She's Jyoti Amge, 15, from Nagpur India and she's world's smallest lady at 29 cm tall and 5.4 kg in weigh.

Jyoti with a family friend who's only 13 months but already bigger than she is.

She's a cute girl and I feel sorry for her but what I really adore is her positive image. Being a dwarf doesn't stop her to lead a normal life and dreams like others. If you notice, she has this innocent, cheerful smiling face all the time and I believe that face is not only for the photoshoot but a part of herself indeed.

Jyoti should become an inspirational figure as she is very confident of herself too, which some of us who are in "normal" size sometimes lack of.  She said, "I am proud of being the smallest girl. I love all the attention I get. I'm not scared of being small, and I don't regret being small."

Being a teenage girl, she loves dressing up and have a big dream of becoming a film star. "I have a huge collection of dresses. I like to shop for more. Everyone in my family gets things for me. I love make-up and like dressing up like beautiful models. I would like to be an actress when I grow up. My dream is to do films."

She goes to school everyday like other kids and being treated normally except having customised school uniform, chair and desk (cute huh?).

Despite all her happiness, she still has to face a bit of health problem as her legs were fractured and could not be healed due to her size. "First I could walk, but I slipped on ice during a holiday and hurt my leg. I find it strange that my legs just don't heal. I don't like it, it causes me pain." According to the article, Jyoti also frequently in and out of hospital during her first five years of life as she was constantly felt sick but eventually grew stronger as she lives.

No matter who she is and where she comes from, let us just pray for her happiness and health so she could spread the positivity and becoming an inspirational figure to others out there...


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