Saturday, December 11, 2010

:: gorgeous! ::

I was scrolling down my FB news updates. Someone shared Burberry web address so I just clicked it to feast my eyes on a beautiful afternoon and saw this:

Gorgeous! That's what I thought at the very first sight. I like the patent bowling bag because it is made of patented leather. I have a thing for patent leather because it is shiny and sleek but I also knew it may also look cheap and trashy. In this case I don't think the bag looks cheap at all. With such striking fuschia pink tone it screams "LOOK AT ME!". I like a structured shape bag so when it combines with patent leather, the whole thing looks firm and tough. I also prefer a handheld / tote bag better as I don't like to wear my bag on the shoulder. The Embossed Check Patent Leather Bowling Bag also came in other 4 colours; black, green, blue and mustard yellow, each reflects different characters. Surprisingly, the next colour I would choose is yellow as it looks fabulous and iconic. The only thing that keeps the bag away is (always) the price as it is selling at £575 which can costs around RM3,000+ in Malaysia after tax... tskkk.

I must have not visited Burberry website for some time already because I couldn't remember looking at beautiful handbags during my last visit, but today I'm overwhelmed with a range of sleek designs like these small ones:

From left to right: Vintage House Check Sling Bag (£495) - Soft Knot Sling Bag (£495) - Washed Quilted Leather Sling Bag (£395)

Loving the Washed Quilted one even more with such buckle and that colour makes the bag looks so classy. I like~!!! 

...and oh, here's another one that I like too:

Mini Nova Check Leather Bag
It's the birthday bag from hubby this year so of course la I suka...hehe. 
(still selling in their website eh. cayalah.)

Well, I'm featuring these bags here because they're perfect for my taste and liking. There are actually a lot of other beautiful handbags featured in their website so do visit Burberry to find ones that suit your preference or perhaps for pleasure. You may fall for one and it may be next in your collection, who knows? ;-)


Anonymous said...

My dear, Burberry have the sophisticated designs kan? I love the patented leather too! If I have the money to spare, I would go for freen or mustard yellow! *berangan* hehe..

phatgurl said...

Yeap. Over the years their designs have evolved tremendously. Now banyak yg modern & sophisticated... rambang mata beb! huhuhu. The yellow one is a fashion statement lah. Arghh, ni yg nak berangan balik nih. Hehehe.

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