Friday, December 10, 2010

:: oh iphone, where art thou! ::

Last Saturday Mr.Hubby bought himself a PS3 - Gran Turismo 5 limited edition pack, which consists of a limited blue-coloured console and the latest craze, newly released game - Gran Turismo 5 itself. Hubby is enjoying his new toy ever since... and somehow I felt "itchy" to splurge on a gizmo too, which is this:

it's iPhone 4~!

Yeah, I know I'm a lil' bit outdated. While people currently going googoo gaga over iPad, I just been struck with the need to own an iPhone. Previously I was a bit skeptical because personally I found iPhone is a bit overrated and too common. I've been to many places and everywhere I go, there'll be someone handling or playing with his / her handphone, no matter young or old. 

I prefer something rare, so my usual preference is Samsung. I've tested Samsung Galaxy S which looks like an iPhone with some similar app features, but I am a bit upset about the size as it is quite bigger than the iPhone itself. That means it is much more bigger than my current beloved pink Samsung SGH F480, which is also a touch screen phone. Despite its ability and functions, the most important criteria that I will look for in a mobile phone is the overall design and size. I prefer slim, small phone to fit my small handbags and chic colours (obviously pink) would be a bonus to reflect my taste. Too bad, Samsung Galaxy S does not offer this although they're selling pink limited edition ones in US. So after using 4 different types of Samsung phones for over 7 years, I finally decided to have a wind of change and own an iPhone instead.

Little that I know, owning an iPhone in Malaysia is not as easy as I thought. Authorised phones can only be bought either from Maxis or Digi and come with at least 2-years commitment. I don't want any commitment with those providers because I'm currently using Celcom line for staff, which is a lot cheaper than any other plans from any provider - but Celcom only concentrates at selling BlackBerry. I don't intend to buy unauthorised phones or buy it from Machines Singapore which sells it alone because it'll be tough if something happened... so that's why I'm still with this more than 3-years pinky phone until today :-(

As said earlier, I'm very particular at overall design and size. Even though iPhone doesn't fully fulfill my taste but one thing that made me still salivating for it is variety of casings offered. Casing itself can change the whole look and reflects owner's personality and taste... so it's like pimp-ing the phone without trying too hard and man, how can I decide whether it's gonna be a designer's one or a pink-coloured one or a sophisticated, sleek one... ahh I'll be spoilt with choices! Well, just let me continue with my dreams because there's no need to decide if I can't even own the phone - duhhhh. I'm just like Juliet wanting her Romeo...

"...Oh iPhone, iPhone, where for art thou iPhone..."


Eyriqazz said...

salam...lama tak update blog..sejak bila bertukar blogspot ni?

P/s :word verification tu bila nak disablekan..huk3.. I want iPhone 4..dpt review digi last time pun teruja tapi dah kena pulangkan

phatgurl said...

salam bro. time kasih ziarah kembali. baru 3 bulan dok umah baru sbb umah lama tu byk modification x boleh buat. dok sini rasa semangat sket update. hehe.

word verification tu kalu off takut ada spam. so bertahan jerlah ye... ahaksz. alaa bro eyriqazz kan income masyuk... mesti boleh pakai iphone nyer. tunggu masa jerla tu ;-)

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