Sunday, December 26, 2010

:: if kiki could speak ::

If KiKi could speak she must have said this:

"Itulaa Mama, KiKi kejut Mama banyak kali tapi Mama tak nak bangun..."

This morning KiKi woke up at 6 something as usual. She had her breakfast and wondered around the room while I continued sleeping. About an hour later she kept making sound, not mieouwing but more like whining. I woke up again for toilet and let her play while I was back to bed. She still kept on whining, grabbed and even bited my hand. I could woke up but I just didn't want to do it because it was too early for Sunday. So I said to her, "Mama tak keje harini KiKi. Jomlaa tido," as if she would understood. 

She kept on with her behaviour and almost an hour later jumped on the bed beside my thigh. Thought she wanted to sleep but I was all wrong because not long after that I could felt this warm water... and it was KiKi peeing on the comforter, just next to my thigh! I couldn't remember what I said but Bee woke up to my voice. I asked him to wash KiKi and took my turn later. So that was it and she finally made me woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning.

As a result to that incident, we finally manage to use a new comforter set which was a wedding gift from my friend Alyaa (after 1 and a half year). Thanks Alyaa, the colour brightens up our room and it also matches the wall and curtain :-) We were quite surprised with KiKi though because she always do her 'thing' at her sandy toilet except during heat and her heat cycle has passed two weeks ago. We were quite worried because her behaviour has changed and she didn't sleep much since yesterday too. Well, it was not too long because this evening we saw her staring at this male cat and that was the same male cat who came near our porch 1-2 nights before! 

Cinta sudah berputik ya... no wonder lah. Nak kena kucing jantan ni... pandai plak nak ngorat awek kucing kat umah ni ek... siaplah kamu. Cis.

Awek kucing akhirnya tido tak sedar diri petang tadi

Living with a cat teaches us a lot about patience and tolerancy. We hardly get mad at KiKi maybe because she is a cat, an animal and moreover she is too cute to be scolded. If only we knew what she's going through, we would give the best we could... and KiKi, we both really love you!

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