Tuesday, December 21, 2010

:: kardashian kristmas kard 2010 ::

If you asked which is my most favourite Hollywood family, without any doubt I'll answer "it's the Kardashian". Although they might be overrated and loud with each other, they have this strong bond that I really adore. They are fun, supportive and love each other so much. One day, I wish we could build a family with such strong bond and fun as theirs too.

Every year the Kardashian will have their family photoshoot for Christmas greeting cards and this is what they have for this year:

What do you think? For me, that is a fabulous and a classy family potrait!

Compared to last year, their family photo has more members this time with Scott and the cute lil' Baby Mason (omg, he's so adorable in that suit!). Last year's christmas card photo was the one taken during Khloe & Lamar wedding ceremony where Ryan Seacrest was also in it as part of the Kardashian... but this year it's a potrait of the whole family members and in-laws together. Actually Lamar was not involved during the group photoshoot as he was away for Lakers training. He took separate shoot and his photo was then super imposed in the group photo superbly. There's no difference at all, as if he was actually there.

Among all, I love-love-love what Khloe was wearing because the dress is so beautiful. Yet, I also like Kourtney overall look in that pantsuit with classic crimson red lips and sleek hairdo as she looked dominant yet edgy. All in all, the Kardashian is definitely the most glamorous Hollywood family!


NaddY said...

di bottom of the stairs to yang twins tu ker? wow dah besar skrang...dulu season lepas-lepas ikut lah jugak.. tapi sekarang dah jarang..

phatgurl said...

diorang bukan twins tapi diorang anak bruce & kris. yang lain sume anak kris dgn robert kardashian yg dah meninggal. tuh laa diorang dah besar sgt... dulu kecik je kan? now kylie ke kendall tah yg besar sket tu dah start modelling pun. cantik plak tu diorang.

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