Monday, December 20, 2010

:: the one about the weekend ::

Driving to office during long school holiday is simply heaven. It only took me 15-20 minutes from USJ to Menara TM everyday, which is half the time taken during normal schooling days. Too bad there is only 4 days left to enjoy such tranquility before early morning stress hits again next year, but it also means only 4 days left to work in year 2010. Almost everybody in the company will be on leave the whole next week as instructed by the management so here I am counting the days to end 2010 with total relaxation.

Joined a treasure hunt contest on Saturday with my usual hunting mate, Nurul. We used to have other members who share the same passion but this time others were unavailable so there were only 2 of us and another guy who was willing to be the 'driver'. The treasure hunt was organised by Kelab TM Ibu Pejabat cawangan TMTC, my previous working place. It took us almost 5 hours to complete all questions as they were mostly tough than usual and also heavy traffic on the road. We were quite frustrated to know that we lost around 10 points just because we gave second choice answers whereas we have guessed the first one correctly. To cut the story short, we ended up at the 9th place out of 43 cars and 20 prizes. Not bad la kan but our heart still ached for not winning Sony 32" LCD tv (first place), Sony home theatre (second place) or even Electrolux convection microwave (third place). Anyway we still walked home with 2 days 1 night stay at Holiday City Villa Kuala Lumpur each. To mend my broken heart and also fulfill my earlier craving, we went to Subang Parade that night for dinner at Nando's.

Nothing much happened yesterday. It was grocery shopping day so we went to Giant at Summit USJ after lunch. Twilight: New Moon was on HBO last night and I watched it for the first time after few previous attempts to watch the download version failed. I snickered every time hideous-long-haired Jacob appeared on screen, but that was only in the early part because later on he was well built and handsome with short hair. Anyway, I'm still in "Team Edward". I like the part where he first appeared, the one where he just arrived school on Bella's birthday. It was "woaaa!". Don't get me wrong, I just like Edward the Vampire but not Robert Pattinson. Interestingly, his coldness made him so attractive... and it's not only him, I do like Carlisle Cullen too. He's just too vampire-ish. As an overall, I did enjoy the movie and couldn't wait to watch Eclipse next. While people are waiting for the finale, I am still waiting to watch the third part... what a lame person! :-P

"I promise to love you every moment of forever" - Edward Cullen: Eclipse

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