Wednesday, December 1, 2010

:: scrapbooking - lovely london ::

It's December! Another 30 days to wave 2010 goodbye and welcome 2011 with a brand new spirit. 2010 is indeed the best year so far. Early this year I said 2009 was the best because I finally got engaged and married to the man I love last year but now I'd say 2010 is better. This year I not only have a husband, but also a cat and now a baby in my tummy. The more the merrier and weee... what a wonderful year it is~!

We really seize the moment and enjoyed our "honeymoon" period with a bit of travelling. Our first destination was Singapore in January and the last one was Melbourne in October... but there was also London and Manchester in June. It was a family vacation, the two of us together with my mom and sisters. We departed a day after our first anniversary so it was a meaningful trip indeed and here's a simple scrapbook to keep the memory alive.

*elements: sahlinstudio

p/s: I heart digital scrapbooking ;-)

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