Tuesday, November 30, 2010

:: pregnancy craving? ::

There's nothing interesting to share today because nothing much happened in these two days. Just went through the normal home-office-home routine like any other weekdays {sigh}. I'm feeling like dressing up; wearing pretty dress and heavy makeup but I have no event to attend. I always wish to be a socialite, being invited to events and parties, mingling around the rich and famous... but that's more to dreaming.

Back to the dressing up part... yes, I'm craving to be "cantik-cantik" without any particular reason. I wish I was able to attend 'EH! 20 Yang Anggun' event last Sunday but it was too late to buy the tickets. The theme was Glitz & Glam. If attended, I should have been all out with a sleek, glamorous dress and some blingz but nope, I was at home that night in my usual baby tee and short instead. Some people feel it's a hassle to prepare for a function: finding what-to-wear, how to do their hair, how to wear their tudung, makeup and other stuffs that make them turn down an invitation. As for me who only receives one or two invites to big events in a year, I'd take that as an opportunity to have fun, dress in my best and that's what I'm missing right now.    

Writing this post somehow reminds me about this karaoke nite out with my BFF last May. We decided to have a theme and it was "bling bling" so each of us wore something bling that night, me in gold sequins top, Fila in purple sequins top, Nor in blue sequins ballet flat and Rabby in silver sequins mini skirt... and all of us came complete with makeup too.

It was a fun night out and we were singing like nobody's business. Haihhh... that was one unforgettable night and on top of all I really like what I wore that day.

Girls, when are we going to have our next karaoke outing? Please don't say another few months from now cuz I won't have anything good to wear that time... huhu. Nak pakai cantik-cantik~!!!  (errr... is this a pregnancy craving?).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a girl! hehe

phatgurl said...

Hopefully... ;-)

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