Friday, December 3, 2010

:: this is all about parking ::

Thank God it's Friday. It has been a bad, lazy week for me so I look forward for a beter week ahead. I was late for work again this morning so I parked my car at the roadside in front of Plaza Pantai. Went down to get something in the car at 10:05 am and relieved to see there was no DBKL parking ticket yet on the wind screen (DBKL usually comes around 9 something). I decided to look for a legal parking spot so I drove around the building and saw a row of cars with summons on their wind screen, followed by DBKL officers reading news papers on their bikes. Ok then, I really need to que for parking... so I did for 20 - 25 minutes and got fed-up because I was still stuck in the que.

I drove out of the que, went around the building again and that time saw a DBKL tow truck coming. I stopped by at one spot to wait at another parking entrance for few minutes until the DBKL tow truck went off with a jeep at his back. Someone's car was towed by the DBKL because it was parked at the roadside and it was the same spot where I parked my car yesterday~! OMG... thankfully they didn't come to tow my car yesterday. It was the only car being towed so I was wondering, how would the driver knows that his car is not stolen? If I am the driver and saw my car disappear at the very same place I parked it, I must have been freaked out and my mind will automatically assume it was stolen.

- Lesson #1: Park your car in between of 2 cars. The first car in front is easy to be towed.

- Lesson #2: If you found your car is missing, do not assume it is stolen. Check with the local municipal council first before making any police report because it could be towed away.

It was already 11 but I still didn't get any parking so I called Nor and decided to go somewhere else for brunch instead. Waiting made my tummy starving like someone who hasn't eaten for days (hey, saya takkan mengular tau kalo parking memang ada - ini semua bukan sepenuhnya salah saya). We then went to Sphere at Bangsar South and had our brunch at Chicken Rice Shop. Got back at 12 and guess what, still no parking available! What an unlucky day... but after 5 minutes a car went out and I finally got a parking spot for my red Jazzy.

I'm so effing tired with this parking problem and at one point I wish I could work somewhere else, where parking is never an issue. I got a dashboard full of parking summons in one year so can you imagine how many summons I will get if I work here until my retirement day? I really hate DBKL and police because of this. They come to this place, which is an office area to penalise us who parked at the roadside without disturbing the traffic but do not penalise those who park at the side of a main road like those cars in front of Vista Angkasa, Pantai Dalam or in pekan Seri Kembangan and many other areas. We don't have much choice and we have to come here everyday to work, can't you people just understand that? Haisy... I have talked about this parking issue before and still couldn't stop babbling about it. So just bear with me lah ye.

Anyway, just sharing with you guys that PDRM is now offering 50% discounts for selected traffic summons like speeding ticket, etc. Yeap, PDRM also got year-end-sale what... but still, no discount for parking summons. Ok lah, enuff with all this parking stuff cuz it's time to go home. See you in the next post... bye~!

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Stylicious Fashionista said...

hey there dearie!

Just to let you know that Gucci is already on sale! Sale began Dec 1st!!

Stylicious Fashionista said...

hey there dearie!

Just to let you know that Gucci is already on sale! Sale began Dec 1st!!

phatgurl said...

Wow, this is great news! Thanks so much Stylicious Fashionista... I know I can rely on you ;-)
Have to visit them a.s.a.p or nothing left behind... hehe

Stylicious Fashionista said...


Aww, thanks hun! =)
Do share your finds at the sale k? lol


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