Saturday, December 18, 2010

:: what berry are you? ::

Hey, have you heard about the latest 3-in-1: quiz + game + contest organized by DiGi?

It's called "What Berry Are You?" and I tell you, this is such a fun and addictive quiz-game combo that will make you play over and over again because that was what I did. 

The first part of the application is to answer 5 easy questions that will lead you to the second part which is a simple, fun game. You'll then know what kind of Berry you are, whether a Budget Berry, Kepoh Berry, Kiasu Berry, Noob Berry, LOL Berry, Psycho Berry and many other type of Berries. 

That's not the end of it because the BEST part of all is the chance of winning 3 limited editions of BlackBerry as below:

Ain't it cool???
So, what cha waiting for peeps... let's have fun and a new BlackBerry might be yours!

Just CLICK HERE to enjoy and win~!!!

1 comment:

Celeste Bee said...

im the sexiest berry alive.hihi

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