Thursday, December 30, 2010

:: year end outing ::

My visit to the Gardens today was planned since days ago. Luckily it was a perfect planning because thanks to Malaysia national football squad who have won the AFF Suzuki Cup, tomorrow is declared as a public holiday and since it is also the last day of 2010 I bet everywhere will be jam packed with people. Thought of going alone at first but invited my partner-in-crime aka. bff to tag along so the day would be more "memorable". Ihiks :-)

This outing came with few objectives actually. One: to utilise RM90 isetan voucher which expires tomorrow. Since there's nothing else to buy, Bee and I decided to use the voucher for baby stuff so here I'm introducing our first baby item, Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set.

We chose Avent because it is among the best feeding bottle available. It is BPA free and able to reduce fussing and also colic acid in babies. The starter set consists of 4 bottles with teats (2 x 125ml & 2 x 260ml), 2 extra newborn teats, complete with 1 newborn pacifier and 1 brush. I guess we don't have to worry about feeding the baby anymore. The purchase was even more worthy because there was 20% discount which made it cost RM151.20 from its normal price at RM189. Baby stuff ain't cheap so we have to start buying from now. One item down, but a lot more to come.

Two: to check prices of LV bags for a friend. Isma seeked my assistance to check prices of certain LV models and that job was perfectly done today.

Three: to enjoy buy-5-free-1 sushi promo at Sushi King. We didn't manage to enjoy the sushi promo because my previous receipt did not meet the terms & condition. Apparently, previous purchase should be 5 or more sushi plates but mine only stated 4. Better yet, we managed getting 20% discounts instead because of happy hour (3 - 5pm during weekdays). Our visit to Sushi King today was not a pleasant one though. We ordered all our sushis but waited for 30 minutes for 3 of the plates to arrive and 1 plate did not arrive at all until we decided to leave. Happy hour became Unhappy hour for us.

Well, we then turned our back to Jaya Jusco's yummy takoyaki and also Auntie Ann's premium combo pretzel instead. Who said we have to rely on only one food source? ;-)

Four: to buy some important groceries. That important item is actually cooking oil. Our cooking oil was finished yesterday after frying keropok lekor given by brother-in-law who just came back from his wife's hometown in Terengganu. Other items bought were HL Marigold milk, large canned of baked beans and also Anlene yogurt. I have to admit that I have skipped drinking Enfamama for few weeks already because I couldn't stand the 'salty' taste. Consumed Marigold milk instead as approved by the doctor and fyi, that milk also contain small amount of folic acid so hopefully that's better than nothing. Try to increase calcium consumption with the Anlene yogurt. Bought strawberry flavour and it did taste good.

Despite all the objectives, I still did one impulsive purchase at MNG, which now offers further reduction up to 70%. Saw that shirt when I was out with Riza last week but that time it was RM99. Said to myself I'll buy if it's still available during the further reduction and guess what, there was one left for me yesterday and it was reduced to RM79. It was size S but large enough to be worn during maternity and post maternity later.

Dunno why I'm so interested in checkered shirt these days. Apart from that I also love the cuff and the fact that I can tie a bow at the neck. Haven't been to MNG as often as I did before, so I was quite excited looking at their sleek and pretty long sleeve shirts from the Autumn / Winter '10 collection. I used to buy a lot of MNG apparels for work. Once, I bought 14 items at one shot during their by-invitation-only sale to show how crazy I was for MNG stuff but those days were over. MNG is now a main street fashion in the country not like when I did my first purchase 8 years back.

Anyway that ends the story. Thanks Nor for tagging along and becoming my PA for a day. Really enjoyed your company. So see you in February? Ahaksz.


Mrs said...

Atie, thanks very much.....sll jer susahkn Atie tuk survey harga ni. Nnt Isma reply kat fb=)

phatgurl said...

No worries la Isma. Mana yang kite boleh bantu, memang kite akan bantu. Lagipun sambil menyelam minum air. Dapat gak jamu2 mata masuk LV. Ihiks.

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