Thursday, January 6, 2011

:: early birthday prezzie from nuffnang & tgv ::

Haven't checked my Gmail account for almost a week. With intention to clear up the mailbox, I opened it today and found a lil' surprise. It was an e-mail received 2 days back from Nuffnang entitled Happy Birthday from Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas!

In their blog last month Nuffnang did announce that they are introducing the TGV Birthday Surprise for Nuffnangers. Thanks to the very generous TGV Cinemas, 250 lucky Glitterati Nuffnangers who are residing in Klang Valley will be randomly chosen during their birthday month to receive 4 complimentary passes valid at all TGV cinemas nationwide.

It's a birthday gift from Nuffnang and TGV for bloggers............... and yes, I'm one of the lucky winner and the chosen one (yeayyyy~!!!). It is a surprise indeed and still couldn't bellieve I'm lucky enough to win. SUPER MASSIVE THANKS to Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas for the early birthday gift - you guys are awesome cuz it really made my day!
Ironically mr.Hubby also received 4 complimentary movie passes today after winning a contest by RHB Bank through phone. This means we now have 8 movie passes, so no more excuse to skip watching movies in the cinemas.   

p/s: my birthday is coming up soon and I can already feel the "heat" :-)


NaddY said...

wah syoknyer....demam tgk wayang lah lepas dalam peyot nak tgk kot..

phatgurl said...

hehehe itu laa... 8 pass = 4 kali tgk wayang ber'tiga'. jangan dah besar nanti baby jadi kaki wayang sudah... :-D

nara said...

wahhh best2!!
hepi becoming besday lah ye~ =D

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! ;) Now I wish I live in Klang Valley hehe~

Mrs Djones' Journey

Gayahspears said...

bestnyer...Gayah nak jugak..huhu

phatgurl said...

@aimi: mekasih!!!
@mrsdjones: despite high cost of living that is once in a while perk we got... ;-)
@gayah: besday gayah nanti mesti dapat punyerla. tungguuuuuu...!

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