Thursday, January 6, 2011

:: starbucks released new logo ::

If you're a huge fan of Starbucks (like one of my BFF) you need to know that the world's largest coffee company has revealed the revamped look of their logo yesterday to a cheering crowd of employees in its Seattle offices and also on a webcast. The new logo is yet to be widely used, maybe in March to coincide with their 40th anniversary.

The new Starbucks logo still sustains its iconic sea nymph graphic with few slight updates but comes without any circling STARBUCKS COFFEE wording around it as per image below:

I'd say the new logo is fresh and modern. It may look a bit simple than the current one but we'll get used to it in days. For your info, that is the fourth version of Starbucks' logo since establishment of the company in 1971 as a small coffee, tea and spice shop in Seattle. The first logo was in brown colour but updated and changed to green with a dash of black in 1987 and further refined in 1990s with the current logo that they are using.

Just to be franked, I don't mind them changing their logo how frequent they want as long as they still maintain their good service and good coffee... and writing about Starbucks somehow reminds me about the taste of their rich Dark Mocha Frappuccino, my most favourite drink after Java Chips Frappuccino. If only I could have a venti of each right now... superbly yumm-eyh!

- news source: Yahoo! Finance
- image source: Yahoo! Finance - AP Photo/Starbucks

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hazera said...

thanks for the info. the wordings will be missed. hehe

Gayahspears said...

wah.. berloga baru ya.. Gayah baru tahu ni..

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