Monday, January 31, 2011

:: a happy preggie mommy-to-be ::

Haven't write much about my pregnancy lately. This is my 18th week and I've been preggie for 4 and a half month. Surprisingly time flies pretty fast for me because I don't feel like carrying the lil one that long and it's almost halfway to delivery. I now understand the joy of being pregnant and the most wonderful experience so far is feeling the lil one kicking inside my tummy. Started feeling light kicks in my 16th week but they're now stronger and sometimes vigorously active as if he / she is playing, turning and spinning around. Such moments not only create bonding between us but also give positive sign that our baby is growing healthily. Day-by-day my fervent wish is for him / her to grow heathily and perfectly well.

Went to the second check-up two weeks ago. Bee came all the way to my office just to accompany and together we watched the lil one through the black & white ultrasound scan monitor. Alhamdulillah, according to the doctor he / she is growing accordingly to his / her age. Yeap, if compared to the printed scan image from previous month the lil one did look bigger and the best of all was watching his / her heart beating. MasyaAllah! 

Apart from all that I was also happy to know that my weight still remain as it is like the previous month. Like the doctor said, "it is fine if the mother doesn't gain weight as long as the baby is growing healthily." (ngeee :-D ) I didn't control my eating behaviour but I must admit that I didn't eat more than usual. I just eat when I feel like eating and the frequency is almost similar to how I normally eat before, only this time I hardly skip the three main meals especially breakfast. So far I have gained around 2 kg above my normal weight. However, when I was in Melbourne my weight was 2 kg lesser so all in all I might have increased around 3 to 4 kgs so far. I've read and heard about people associating pregnancy with 'the joy of eating for two' and I'm expecting that 'joy' in the next few weeks perhaps.

Apart from the maternity pants bought last month, I didn't buy anything else for this pregnancy except a pair of wedges to be worn everyday to office. No maternity dress yet or 'uniform' as what people have been asking because my current principle is "pakai selagi mampu". No need to worry peeps, I'll buy and wear appropriate clothing when the time comes. No need to gasp everytime you see me in that 3-inch wedges or wearing a skinny jeans or what you claimed as 'tight clothes' (referring to before pregnancy working shirts / attire) because I'm still comfortable in one. No worries though, I'll move on later :-)

Starting first week of new year people have started 'discovering' about my baby bump. Seriously, the growth was tremendously obvious after entering second trimester and I've been stopped by a number of people asking and confirming about it. I only informed the good news to a very small group of people earlier, only to those who were close to me but I've learnt that first pregnancy not only bring joy to the parents-to-be but also to those who knew because almost everybody who have been asking me so far showed this warm reaction after I said "yes." Not forgetting those who willingly provide tips and shared their experiences happily; and being a newbie, I really need those knowledge. Although they might not read what I write here, I still want to thank them for their support - thank you so much to each and every one of you.

I've been trying to snap at least a pic of my baby bump but too bad I still couldn't make it. Will try to achieve it soonest possible and treasure it here later. Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah the almighty for this gift. There's nothing else to say apart from "being pregnant is such a wonderful experience and I'm enjoying every moment of it."

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