Thursday, January 20, 2011

:: the one about my birthday ::

Starting new year I've been quite busy with office workloads, hence my priority went elsewhere than blogging. I have several moments to share lately and if time permits me, I'll write it here not only to share it with you but also to keep it as my personal journal. Believe it or not, I've been blogging since 2003 but back then I didn't publicise the address because I was well, shy? Moreover, my main intention was to keep the memories alive so by blogging, I could turned back to those sweet or bitter times whenever I need to. For instance, I managed to reminisce about my birthday celebrations since 2004 because they were all treasured in my old blog. By the way, I used to have and write in my own diary since I was in primary school until I was 18. I sadly burnt them all though because I didn't want anybody else to know and read about my feelings back then. 

Ok, let's move on and talk about my 30th birthday celebration this year. As an overall, it was a simple, intimate one. When the clock striked 12:00 midnite, I received a call from my sister singing birthday song along with her friends. Bee was home with me, wished me and handed over 2 pink envelopes with 2 different birthday cards. He often bought me more than 1 birthday card a year - the first would be a sweet one and the next would be a cute one. Myself, being the fragile one automatically melted away with his sweet gesture. Actually I received 4 cards from him this year as another two came with the gift later. 

On the next morning we woke up a bit early and went for breakfast at mamak, then went out to KL city after Zohor prayer. First destination was Nuffnang office to collect my birthday gift from Nuffnang and TGV which comprised of 4 movie passes. Once again, big thanks to Nuffnang and TGV for choosing me~! 

We had our lunch at the arabian restaurant, al-Rawsha located at Bulatan Kg. Pandan. Weeks before, we did go there to have dinner but that place was insanely full. Cars were parked on the opposite roadside under the flyovers and people were seen queueing, waiting to be seated which finally made us abort the mission. Last Monday, that place was almost empty. There were only 2 cars in the parking lot if not mistaken, most probably because it was working day and already pass lunchtime. We shared a plate of Chicken Mandy as the portion was huge. Chicken Mandy was special briyani rice served with half chicken, plain yogurt and something like salsa, made of chopped tomatoes. 

I love arabian or lebanese food, but one thing that is lacking about arabian rice is the fact that they are dry. They do not come with gravy so there was less satisfaction during eating although both plates were all empty at the end. However, one thing that could not be denied about arabian cuisine is their fantastic, sweet, concentrated mango juice. I don't know about you, but I never order any other beverages than mango juice in any arabian restaurants because I knew they would never fail to satisfy me.  Just to note, a plate of chicken mandy at al-Rawsha costs RM25 and a mango juice is RM10. Perhaps you could give them a try if you haven't been there because the restaurant is among talk of the town. Oh, they also have drive through and opens 24 hours a day.

Just look for this castle-like building

After that late lunch we straight away went to Lowyat Plaza. If you knew me well, you'd say "apa Yatoque, Lowyat Plaza?" Ok, that place is so-not-me but since you already knew what mr.Hubby gave me as prezzie this year then I should not explain more about it because we were actually looking for iPad's casing. In the end, we didn't buy any casing for the iPad but Bee brought home an iPhone instead which he bought at the DiGi promo booth. So out of nowhere, we've suddenly become an "apple couple". 

We were back home before midnite and that was all. Just a simple celebration, yet memorable enough for me. My heartiest appreciation goes to family members, BFFs, friends, colleagues and blog readers for those birthday wishes. Thank you so much y'all, really appreciate the thoughts! Once again, for my other half... thank you for everything... mwahs!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Yatoque! I'm glad you had fun! Take good care ;)

phatgurl said...

Thank you so much bebeyh!

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