Wednesday, January 19, 2011

:: my new bff? ::

My waiting days are over.
I'm gleaming with joy and happiness as it has finally arrived today...



* a pretty, sleek packaging...

...with a sweet note on top...


...personalised with engraving...


it's a birthday gift.



it's an iPad...

  ...and it's mine.

Dear Bee,
Thank you soOo much for the marvellous birthday gift (love it to the max!). 
I'm deeply touched not only because of this, but also for having you always by my side. I'm a proud wife of yours and I'm honoured to have you as my husband, my only soulmate. You cherish my life with happiness and I do appreciate every lil' things you did. Looking forward to spending rest of my life with you and our kid(s). You're the only owner of my heart and I will always love you till the end.


It's gonna be my perfect companion during breakfast, every morning in the office. BFF, jangan kecik ati yer... I still need you though. Just buzz me when you're free ;-)


hazera said...

or is it buzz me when YOU are free?! :p

Mrs said...

Wow.....dpt new gadget tu.....bestkan bila penantian yg menyeksakan itu tamat...hehehehe.
I am very happy to you. Pas ni leh ler update blog very frequent n leh ler hilangkan kebosanan Isma=).

ketawariang said...

wow... so sweet of your hubby....

phatgurl said...

@nor: errr lately that's more like it. very busy during office hour but i'm free for bfast everyday. ok ok mungkin, buzz me when u wake up early instead? hehe.

@isma: tenkiu. penantian yg menyeksakan akhirnya berakhir jugaks. hehehe. *excited sgt ni..! :-)

@ketawariang: yes, he is. thanks! ;-)

Anonymous said...

awww! this is the best birthday present ever. I am jealous ;) Tak perlu iphone4 dah kut? Apps semua lebih kurang je, i think :p

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