Wednesday, January 12, 2011

:: pinki kiki ::

Some people said we are too obsess and spoilt our kitty too much. Yes we may but showing your love towards your pet is pretty subjective. I've seen people built huge handmade wooden house just for their fur kids, not to mention spent hundreds RM per month for food, medical and other stuff for them but there are also others who just provide their cats with leftovers and yet claimed they love their cats so much (so who are we to judge?) I believed everything depends on you as the owner. Whether you want to splurge or not should not be an issue as long as your cat is provided with the necessities, love and care.

As far as we're concern, we love our lil' KiKi so much. Although she is just an animal, we always try our best to make her feel appreciated in any way possible because personally, she means a lot to us... and if I could, I would ask her how she feels about us too. I know it might be a bit challenging to provide the same attention when our child is born later, but as for now... why not seize the moment?

Anyway, here's our cutie pie in her new pink dresses :-)

KiKi looked away in her frilly tiered dress

Strike a pose in her pinky polka dots dress




So which one do you like the most?
The tiered dress, the pink polka dot dress or this earlier one:

Sporty KiKi in pink stripes shirt


NaddY said...

gambar kedua cukup comellll!!!

phatgurl said...

bila pakai baju tu je dia nak tengok camera... thanks Naddy~! :-)

Mrs said...

Atie;Don't bother what other people long as we know ourself better...that's good enoug. Btller org kata, mulut tempayan blh ditutup, mulut manusia mana blh ditutup.
Btw...suka tgk Kiki in Pinky Polka Dot cute=)

phatgurl said...

Isma dear, thanks so much... yeap, betul tu.tak kesahla kan apa org nak kata asalkan kitorang bahagia dgn apa yg kitorang buat.
Nanti bila Isma balik sini bolehla tgk KiKi pakai in real life. Kekadang kelakar je tengok die jalan terkedek-kedek dengan skirt kembang... hehehe. comel.

Pjaz a.k.a kud0o said...

cute la kucing pakai baju,
cute sngat :)

phatgurl said...

thanks Pjaz! :-)

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