Tuesday, January 11, 2011

:: new year eve bbq party ::

I'm done with all those gossips so I'm back to my usual self, writing about my own life. I owed myself this entry for more than a week now but still insist to write and post about it because it is about our memorable year-end + new-year celebration. 

It was 31.12.2010. Fila hosted the BBQ get together at her sister's house in Bkt. Jelutong since her sis and family were away for holiday. It was an intimate get together I would say. There were only us, the usual four: Fila, Nor, Rabby and myself together with our loved ones. I came with mr.Hubby and KiKi while Rabby came with Zahid and Sophie. Besides the BBQ, we also brought extra dishes so it was BBQ-cum-potluck to be more exact. We ended up having so much food that could survive us for another day.

our mouthwatering potluck dishes 

*counter clockwise: my perfect telur dadar before it was sliced for deco, Nor's shepherd pie, my spicy cili api fried bihun, Rabby's burritos, my homemade coleslaw, Nor's mashed potato and my sweet seafood fried bihun (oh my, looking at this pic reminds me how yummy they were!!!)

Since Fila and Nor arrived earlier than us, they have grilled the first batch of marinated chicken so we went straight to the main agenda which is eating soon as we arrived. Seriously, the chicken were nicely marinated by Fila and Nor. Babes, hopefully you still remember what to mix and how to get the exact marinade if I ask the recipe later ;-) 

enjoying our scrumptious food... nyum nyum nyum 

Few minutes before midnight we walked out just to the opposite side of the house to a spot where we were able to see panoramic view of the Klang Valley. A lot of cars were already parked on the roadside and many people were already there, anticipatedly waiting for the clock to strike 12:00. It was not exactly 12:00 when the first firework made its appearance in the sky. It was then followed by many others and once, there were around 10 fireworks displays across the sky from different places through out Klang Valley. It was a moment to remember. Even KiKi enjoyed watching the colorful display, but too bad we didn't own any SLR to capture 'em. 

Happy New Year 2011~!!!

We then returned to the house and continued BBQing. There were still chickens and skews so the guys took responsibility in the grilling department while us girls did a bit of cam-whoring (well, what else to do?). 

We continued eating and chatting until it was 2:00 something in the morning. After cleaning up, we left the house with full tummies and sleepy eyes... and also 'tapau' food. It was indeed a warm get-together and I thank Fila for hosting such a sweet event. It was a perfect ending for 2010 and a great way to start 2011.

*This entry is dedicated to 3 of my besties: Fila, Nor and Rabby for always being there through thick and thin. Thank you so much, korangs! I highly appreciate our friendship and hopefully it will remains forever and everrr. Mwahs!


NaddY said...

wah meriahnyer ngan makanan...boleh naik sekilo dua nih klu sy makan..hahahahha

phatgurl said...

memang meriah. bile tengok balik pics tu mmg rasa sedapnye rugi tak abeskan tapi masa haritu mmg perut dah penuh to the max... dan iye, fodd tu mmg boleh buat naik sekilo dua... hehe

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