Monday, February 14, 2011

:: lady gaga in a gigantic egg ::

Morning! Monday is here (again).

Just to kill the Monday Blues and before I proceed with serious business at work, I just like to highlight that the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards is happening in LA 'as we speak'. I have always love this sort of event because it is among the times where we could see our fav artistes, those rich and famous don in their best or worst fashion ever. I've seen few Grammy red carpet arrivals photos on Yahoo while having breakfast just now but nobody has captured my attention so far except this:

A giant eggo is invited to Grammy?

No, it's Lady Gaga!

Well, who else could make such dramatic entrance other than Lady Gaga herself. Wonder what she's doing and wearing inside there... and couldn't wait to see what she's wearing through out the ceremony later because she will only "hatch" until it is time for her Grammy performance. She might always looks weird but her eccentric fashion sense makes her stands out than the rest and that's what Hollywood and pop music culture are all about. Grammy is the hippest yet glamorous event so I personally do not favour those who came in long dresses. (Save that for the Oscars yaw!)

From 56 photos shown on Yahoo Music page this morning, most are not very familiar faces. Still waiting for other famous names' photos to appear, reviews of the shows and most importantly, the list of winners. Guess I should start working while waiting for the event to end. Kill the Monday Blues peeps... and let's get to work!

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