Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: our new tenant ::

We're living in a one-and-a-half storey house and currently we have a new tenant occupying the top floor.

Welcoming us at the stairs to her crib:

We don't have much problem with our 'tenant' because most of the time she's upstairs to nap in her own "day-bed" and spent most time there only during weekends.
 This weekend.

 Previous weekend.

Ever since the top floor is clean and transformed to a guest room, KiKi is the most happiest of all. She kept going up and down, popped her head through the grille and watched what we're doing from up there. She usually sleeps in her own "day-bed" but sometimes she also sleeps on the mattress, whichever she feels like it. 

We often sneak to see what she's doing because sometimes she made noise with some of the stuffs as if she's busy rearranging them and when she saw us peeking from the stairs she'll stop and look with a face saying "do not disturb me, please." Sometimes she really behaves like a small kid and that made us love her even more. Dunno how many times I've said this but KiKi is indeed an adorable, cute, smart kitty... and Mama loves you so much, lil' munchkin...!

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