Friday, February 4, 2011

:: the one about cny holidays ::

Hola! Spent the CNY 2-days hols with endless sleeping and eating. Since Wednesday, this is the first time I ever online through this netbook and there's still half stack of papers to check before I'm back to office again on Monday (*sigh). 

Except the two main activities (sleeping & eating), we did leave the house for awhile though. Intended to do groceries shopping at Mydin yesterday but due to long parking queue we went to the Giant next door instead. That Giant's reigning days are over ever since Mydin was opened so if you want to skip those long queues and jam-packed people then Giant is the best choice to be nowadays. Anyway while we did our shopping there was announcement saying that their credit card terminals were down. Then, at the counter we were asked to put our items near to the cashier because the counter's conveyer belt wasn't working. Apparently there was no electricity and they were depending on power from generator. What a perfect way to accentuate how bad business is for them these days, eh?

Today we spent the evening strolling around MidValley. We brought KiKi together since she already got a travelling bag so she could just sit and look around from inside the bag. It is a lot better and convenient than carrying her inside the usual pet carrier because it is not so obvious that we're actually carrying a cat. Bee bought that bag last Sunday and the first shopping mall KiKi went was Sunway Pyramid and today it was MidValley. As I'm writing this she's now having her nap at her usual spot - on top of our microwave oven. She must have been exhausted from the outing. I could see her from here sleeping in her new pink "sweet" sequins tee. That reminds me about a makcik who saw KiKi in a glance at Metrojaya just now and said to her companion "kucing ke anjing tu?" ("is it a cat or a dog?"). I don't blame her because it is rare to see a cat wearing a top in this country, but we're obviously Muslims so of course la she's a cat, makcik. Hehe.

Before started writing this post I just finished watching Hachiko on HBO.

It was my first time and I'm telling you... I'm not watching it ever again, not because it was a poor movie but it was so touchy. It is based on a true story - Hachiko reflects how loyal a dog is to his owner. He was found, or as they said he founded his owner, Prof. Wilson (Richard Gere) at the railway station on one cold evening. He was small and such a cutie that time. Prof. Wilson took him home and took care of him until Hachi became his dog since nobody claims him after all. Hachi grew up and everyday sent and waited for Prof. Wilson at the same place and time at the railway station. Hachi never catch ball, but one day he did it for Prof. Wilson when he was going to take the train to work. It was his first and the last time because as if he knew, Prof. Wilson would never come back again as he has sudden heart attack at work that day and passed over. Even after that day Hachiko still waited and waited for him at the same place and time for 9 years until he couldn't make it any longer and passed away. I'm not a good storyteller, but it's definitely the most touchiest movie I ever watched so far. I'm not ashame to admit that I was sobbing and tearing through out the movie because I was extremely sad, especially watching Hachiko's cute yet sad face.
If you haven't watch Hachiko and intend to watch it, do prepare a lot of tissues because you'll need (a lot of) them - don't say I don't remind you!

We may not own a dog, but we're blessed and thankful to have our own cat-version of 'Hachiko'. The one who never fail to accompany me when I'm home alone, the one who keeps following and watching me cooking in the kitchen, the one who lately love sleeping next to my feet under the comforter, the one who proudly catched those nasty cockroaches, the one who impressed (and sometimes worried) us with "combat" acts and the one who always leave us speechless with awe:

Our lil' munchkin 
- KiKi -
I just realised that KiKi is a big cat now compared to when we took her 5 months ago. The accident she had before was a blessing in disguise and we're glad to provide her home, comfort and care. She might be one year old now but she's always a baby kitty to us and above all, I really hope she knew how much we love her. KiKi, you're such a sweetheart. We love you so much and we'll take care of you as best as we could. Mwahs!

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NaddY said...

huhuhu dah tengok dah citer Hachiko di wayang tahun lepas....sedey lepas tu tak habih-habih..hehehe

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