Thursday, February 10, 2011

:: quote of the day ::

"Pregnancy is not a disease, and women should be able to dress how they want and look fabulous."
- Dr. Lauren Streicher, staff obstetrician gynea at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago

The above quote is taken from this particular article entitled 'Pregnancy and Style: A Baby Won't Stop Rachel Zoe and Some Women from Wearing High Heels and Stilettos.' It is a good article and beneficial for pregnant ladies out there who are contemplating whether to keep or stop wearing high heels during pregnancy. 

The truth is, wearing one highly depends on comfortability. Yet the wearer has to be extra careful because pregnant women's body weight and shape change during pregnancy and so does their center of gravity. The key points here are comfort and extra careful. So when you have both, you're good to go - nothing else to ask and worry.

Ok this is a short entry I must say. Have a nice day peeps!

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