Sunday, February 20, 2011

:: what's inside my handbag ::

I know this is a cliche post but I had never reveal what's inside my handbag ever since I started blogging. So today is the day for you peeps to know what I normally carry inside my handbag. 

Clockwise from top left:

1. MAC Studio Fix (NW25) - I've been using this powder foundation since 6 years ago. It helps me a lot in covering blemishes, spots, etc.
2. MAC lipstick (frost - Bombshell) - I've searched for a perfect pink lipstick and chose this colour as the free lipstick for Back to MAC campaign. Made the right choice and will continue wearing / buying this same colour later on.

3. Farmasi lipstick (#316) - Bought this when one of my ol' friend worked for the company and opened a booth at my office. I like the pink coral colour and at the same time showed my support to her.

4. Lip Ice (strawberry) - I've been using Lip Ice since univ days and this is among my must-carry items, when ever and where ever I go. It's either strawberry or apple.

5. Louis Vuitton vernis zippy coin purse - I personally prefer small purse / wallet. Although it's only a coin purse it can still keeps my cards, money and coins. Bought this in London last year and it's one of my beloved item.

6. Samsung SGH480 - this touch screen phone is the longest I ever used so far (4 years next month). It's pink, it's slim, it shouts ME.

7. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss (Passion Fruit Pop) - Fila gave this as last year's Hari Raya gift. Sweet and glossy, never fail to give my lips that voluptuous pout. Mwahhhh...

8. Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension mascara (black) - tried many other mascaras but Maybelline's Unstoppable is the perfect one for my short eyelashes because it gives natural look and hardly smudge although worn in one long day.

9. Pilot G-1 0.7 black pen - everybody should carry a pen in their bag because you'll never know when you're going to need it.

10. Skin Food Sugar Bloom Shadow Box - this is a wedding gift from my hubby's friend. It has 3 shades of brown pigmented colours. Just nice to create modest smokey eye look to office.

11. Maybelline eye liner (black) - I have other black eye liners from Benefit, Dior, MAC but I still prefer wearing Maybelline's everyday.

12. Benefit Eye Bright - this white eye liner brightens my small eyes. Bought it for only £2 with Glamour magazine during our last visit to London and it comes in standard size. A bargain, ain't it?
13. MAC Paint Pot (Constructivist) - I'm so into smokey eye and this paint pot is my dear friend to achieve the look, either for base or worn as eye shadow. I use this almost everyday.

I normally change my handbag so I will just transfer all those stuffs into another bag before I go out. Most of my handbags are quite small for some people but those items could still fit into the handbags but if not, items that I won't leave house without are the phone, purse, powder, Lip Ice and one of the lipstick.

You now know what's inside my handbag, so next... what's inside yours?


Anonymous said...

The LV Vernis coin purse is gorgeous and it is in blood red! *salivating* I want one too~~ :p

phatgurl said...

That's one worthy investment i'm telling u... Perhaps a pregnancy gift for yourself, or from mr.hubby? Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I will get one :p Hope it will tone down the "stress" during confinement! haha

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