Saturday, February 19, 2011

:: the one about achievements ::

Yesterday I managed to drove out of office at around 7:30 pm, the earliest so far since last 2 weeks. Worklife has never been hectic than this time of the year and I'm expecting it to stretch for few months, well at least until end of April. Most tasks involved were related to numbers, which is totally opposite to my personal liking and education qualifications. Yet, the challenges somehow made me attracted to what I'm currently doing and so far I'm getting satisfied with my current abilities.

In a way I'm sharing this to show that you could never predict your future. It also doesn't mean that what you were studying in the past is what you will be doing right now. Some people however planned, intended or even struggled to find jobs in the same area that matches their qualifications but some people like me doesn't have the autocratic power to decide as I'm bonded to the company that has sponsored my education fees. What's left to do is to adopt with the environment and keep up with the challenges to survive. From a Creative Multimedia graduate with study life full with drawings and designing to a Corporate Communication post-graduate student, I'm now ended in Human Resource operations handling data and payroll... I repeat, payroll which means numbers and more numbers - hah, I had never see it coming! 

What a great intro to an entry eh? But the main reason behind this post is to share and treasure an achievement I got last two weeks. I was invited to and attended an exclusive hi-tea session with TM's Group Chief Executive Officer, organised by TM's scholarship wing - Yayasan Telekom Malaysia on Thursday, 10th of February. The event was held to recognise high-achievers among the scholars and ehem, this time I'm proudly one of them. 

It was "funny" because when I told my husband about the invitation earlier, I have to highlight that I was really invited to receive an award instead of working or emceeing to be exact. Well, it didn't end there actually. One HR boss joined us a bit late after the award giving ceremony and seated next to me. We chatted a bit and it was halfway through the event when she started to flip, read the event infopack and said to me "oh, your name is also listed here?". Yeah yeah, that only happened when you're always being recognized to be working or emceeing for internal events. 

Anyway it was a close and intimate event I would say as there were only 52 recipients attended. It started with the award giving ceremony followed by hi-tea with lovely, scrumptious food and a session with the GCEO where he shared his journey, experiences, thoughts and a bit about company's directions and strength. It was inspiring and fruitful to listen from the number uno of a multinational company. Ok Dato' Sri, I'll try my best to contribute and show my support to our beloved organization... and big thanks to YTM for sponsoring my education fees from graduate to post-graduate. So, will PhD next on the list? Errrr.....

Anyway here's some pics taken by the official photographer:
That's my big boss - our HR's no.1 man

I remember Dato' Sri was asking whether I want to stay in HR or join Group Corporate Comm - in front of the boss!

...and last but not least, happy face with TM's number uno:

p/s: I'm proud working for TM :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Yatoque! You must be very proud ;) It is good that you enjoy your work now despite the fact that it is totally out of your interest to begin with :)

phatgurl said...

Thanks babe. My boss already said that my baby's gonna be good in math becuz i'm 'playing' with a lot of numbers rite now...hehe.

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