Sunday, March 20, 2011

:: baby shopping day ::

Yeay, it was our first official shopping spree for the lil guy~! We went to MidValley and managed buying several basic items such as tops, long pants, bodysuits, mittens & booties, small towels, changing mat, napkins, diapers, feeding bottle and shoes.
At first I was a bit stressed because clothes for newborns were mostly in plain colours like white and cream. We still bought some of those though, but thanks to F.O.S for kids & teens we managed having splash of bright colours for our baby. I really like that Old Navy long sleeve bodysuit with an owl face and those army camouflage shoes. We knew that a newborn doesn't wear shoes yet but they're too irresistible and we were afraid they will sold out later so we just grabbed them. Another cute item is the ladybird booties, bought at baby fair which was held at the convention centre. Hopefully there are other cute mittens & booties set similar to that instead of the plain boring ones because I think we need more.

Anyway, this is only the beginning. Long list of items are still waiting and baby shopping will keep on going for the next few months. For experienced mommies out there, it'll be a great help if you could share other important items that we should add in our collection. In the meantime, thank you and good night!


Anonymous said...

Swaddle/kain bedung. U can use the ordinary napkins though. But babies nowadays, they don't want to berbedung anymore. Only for the first 2 months. After that, 'I want to be free!'. Beside using it as kain bedung, u can use the napkin when u want to burp the baby (as a cover on ur shoulder if the baby accidentally muak on u). Barut. Either the traditional one or the modern one. Small towels/face towels/wash cloths, head covers/hats/bonnets, blankets. If u r planning to breastfeed, get urself a washable bra pads, nipple cream, milk storage (either bottles or bags). Hmmm...what else? Nanti kalau teringat lagi, i bagitau ek.

phatgurl said...

Thanks qistory! Yeah, we intended to fully utilise the napkins for bedung, covering, wiping, etc. A friend told me about a special blanket / wrap that hospitals use to bedung the baby too so maybe we could consider it as another option.

As for barut, we're lucky that someone's willing to borrow theirs but thanks for sharing those breast feeding items. Will definitely have them in the shopping list ;-)

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