Monday, March 21, 2011

:: diapers for furry babies ::

On Saturday my BFF, Fila sent her car for service in Subang so we ended up having lunch together at Teh Tarik Place, Empire Gallery. On our way back to the parking area we stopped by at Petsmore the pet shop to feast our eyes. They were selling usual pet stuffs from foods, toys, carriers and others but this particular item caught our eyes:

It was pack of diapers for kitties and doggies!

I haven't seen such item anywhere before so I was truly surprised and amazed that such item is available. The diapers look exactly like those for babies but come with a hole for the tail. Cute, eh? Similarly to baby diapers, pet diapers also come in different sizes and as can be seen, pack of 16 for size S costs RM29.00.

Descriptions on the packaging also mentioned about its abilities:
 - Fits snuggly, comfortable and secure
 - Convenient and easy to use
 - Superclean and hygienic
 - No leak protection
 - Superabsorbent and maximum protection

...and most importantly "Won't stick to fur" :-D

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