Saturday, March 26, 2011

:: celebrating earth hour ::

Hey-lo. This is a special post as I'm currently celebrating Earth Hour. I'm typing this entry in the dark and sweating a bit due to the hot weather since the fan is turned off. This notebook is currently depending on its battery, but forgive me for not turning off the modem (or else I would not know what to do in this darkness). I've heard some people complaining about having Earth Hour because they thought it is a nonsense. To them, turning off the light for an hour doesn't make any different compared to pollution and other bad things we've done to the earth. Yes I couldn't agree more with that fact. The earth is old and ill; and we human beings are responsible for its illness, but doing a bit of something is better than doing nothing at all. Why don't sacrifice an hour a year for a good cause rather than complaining?

I remember two years ago I was celebrating Earth Hour on the day I was moving into this house. Despite having unpacked items all over the place I still insist to sit in the dark for an hour, alone, in a new place since we were not yet married. Last year, I celebrated Earth Hour while driving home from IOI Mall after searching for dinner dress, again alone. Thank God no more lonely Earth Hour for me this year as I am currently celebrating it with my dear cat, KiKi who must be wondering why we are living in the dark right now.

Another few minutes left. I better make a move because I am going to visit hubby who is handling a booth at ICT Fair held in i-City, Shah Alam. Well, after sitting in the dark for an hour, I'm going to a place full with lights... hrmmm how irony is that? 

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