Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Do you know...?
Bread has been prepared at least for 30,000 years.

Do you know...?
There are more than 100 types of bread available worldwide.

Do you know...?
A pack of normal size Gardenia loaf has 14 bread slices.

I'm a bread lover. I love eating white bread since I was a kid and during those days I normally ate them by dipping the bread into hot milo or nescafe. Another favourite way was spreading cold condensed milk on top, fold the slice into two and eat. The taste of cold, sweet condensed milk was simply heaven. Yummy yummy!

Bread is very easy to serve, yet able to keep you full for many hours depending on how and what it is served with. Despite many types of bread available in this country and worldwide, I'm concentrating on those simple white bread slices instead. There are various ways of eating a loaf of white bread so today I'm sharing with you my 10 favourite ways of eating them either during breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner and how they are prepared:

1. Hot toasts with cold baked beans

- Toast breads, spread butter
- Pour cold baked beans on top

*Note: Opposite attracts. The taste of buttery hot toast combined with cold baked beans is totally awesome. This is my most frequent way of eating toasts nowadays because it is among the easiest to prepare. Baked beans is healthy and good for diet. Do you know that canned baked beans do not have MSG?

2. Toasts with sunny side up

- Fry the egg sunny side up
- Toast breads, spread butter
- Pour some tomato ketchup on the egg
- Starts eating by dipping bread in the yolk

*Note: I learnt eating bread this way from my late grandma & grandpa and it is my most favourite way among all. The tricky part is to get a perfect sunny side up because if not careful the yolk will burst and fried, therefore I usually eat this during breakfast in hotels because chefs never fail to cook perfect sunny side ups!

3. Egg sandwich toasts

- Fry an egg
- Toast two breads, spread butter
- Put the fried egg, spread some mayo, sauce (I still prefer ketchup) and other ingredients if you like such as cheese slice, lettuce, etc in between of two toasts

*Note: If you failed getting a perfect sunny side up because the yolk burst while frying, fret not cuz the second serving option is available. This sandwich can simply keep you going from morning till noon.

4. Kraft bread

- Spread butter on two pieces of breads
- Put a slice of Kraft cheese in between
- Heat the bread on a non-stick pan until both sides turned golden brown

*Note: I couldn't remember whether I learnt this from Kraft's tv ad or website during their "kalau keju mesti kraft" campaign years back. It is best eaten while hot because the cheese is still melting. Totally scrumptious. 

5. Sugar toasts

- Toast breads, spread butter and sprinkle sugar on top

*Note: My hubby prefers to spread butter, sprinkle sugar and lastly toast the bread. Either way can do.

6. Subway style sandwich

- Put salami and cheese slice on top of a bread, toast with another plain bread in an oven
- Add olives, pickles, salads, mayo, chilli sauce / ketchup
- Put the other bread on top to make a sandwich

*Note: I only make this once in a while because it takes longer time to prepare than others but the taste (and smell) is awesome.

7. Egg mayo sandwich

- Boil eggs
- Mashed boiled eggs with mayonaisse, add a pinch of salt and pepper
- Spread the egg mayo in between of two buttered breads

*Note: You can opt for other ingredients such as tuna or shredded chicken and also add a slice of cheese, tomato and lettuce.

8. American breakfast

- Fry sausage
- Make scrambled eggs by beating the eggs, add some milk and pinch of salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture and scramble it with butter in non-stick pan
- Heat baked beans in microwave
- Serve with toasts

*Note: We sometimes eat this for dinner instead of breakfast :-)

9. Toasts with egg baked beans / mushroom soup

- Heat baked beans / mushroom soup in a pot, add an egg and stir
- Serve with buttered toasts

*Note: Egg baked beans / mushroom soup is thicker and heavier than plain baked beans / mushroom soup. A great choice to be eaten in cold, rainy weather. Spread garlic butter instead of plain butter when eating with mushroom soup. Yummeyh!

10. Cheesy omelette sandwich

- Make a plain egg omelette by beating eggs with a pinch of salt, fry mixture in a pan
- Spread butter on two breads
- Place a cheese, small piece of omelette and add some ketchup or baked beans in between of two breads
- Toast in sandwich maker

*Note: Best eaten when the cheese is still melting but need to be careful because the filling is so hot. 


Well those are my favourite ways of eating white breads, but how about yours? Do share if you have any other interesting recipe so I could try next.

*except hot toasts with cold baked beans photo, other images are taken from Google search.


MK~ROSE said...

sedapnyerrr.. terus jd laparr.. :)

Wendy - Isma's friend said...

I LOVE all of these Siti !! Especially the butter and sugar - toasted last !! Yummmmm

phatgurl said...

Fairus: I pun masa menaip penuh berselera & semangat. Time tu baru lepas mkn toast dgn baked beans pun... Hehe.

Wendy: Thanks wendy. Now that you've mentioned it made me thinking of having it for a late evening tea. The taste of sweet buttery bread is unbearable...i should make my way to the kitchen now!

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