Wednesday, March 2, 2011

:: free makeover at mac wonder woman roadshow ::

The only best thing that was happening to me today is the free makeover at MAC Wonder Woman roadshow in MidValley. As mentioned in the previous post MAC has released its latest limited collection so BFF and I went to check it out during lunch time.
The huge colourful booth was placed at the Centre Court and it was not congested with crowd at all. We both had our faces 'transformed' by MAC professional makeup artists (I didn't get that girl's name but I like her) using the new collection items from eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blusher, bronzer, lipstick and also lipgloss. I chose purple pallete for the eye shadow and matching purple mascara with nude lips = simple, while Nor went for the blue eye shadow palette, blue mascara and fiery red lips = classic.

As can be seen in my previous post, the Wonder Woman collection has bold, colourful packaging, reflecting pop art comic style. The size is jumbo for lip gloss and bronzer which can last longer than usual so they are definitely worth buying. Among items that I like besides the lip gloss - RM85 (gorgeous colour selections I'm telling you) are the eye shadow palettes, lipstick, eye liner and mascara. The eye shadow palletes are quadraple - RM145 with 3 colour selections; blue, green and purple (in my opinion the blue one is the nicest) while the lipsticks - RM69 come in 4 different shades and so does the mascara - RM65. The liquid eye liner is unique I must say because it looks like a marker. The black liquid is not very strong however, so it can be applied easily on the eyelids without mistake.

The Wonder Woman collection is now available in all MAC outlets or you could just wait for their roadshow to reach you on the said dates as below:
Our visit was totally worth it because other than having a free makeover each of us also did a bit of retail therapy by purchasing an item...heehee.

Got myself a nude coloured lipstick while Nor got herself a blue mascara.

That's not the end though because the next best thing is getting a free comic style printed photo to bring back home. Totally awesome!

To conclude, go visit them while you have the chance and one important lesson learnt: free makeover is the best work stress reliever. The end.

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NaddY said...

wah best nyer dapat makeover...
edisi wonder women lagi..hihihi...

phatgurl said...

haah... gi la midvalley leh wat jugak :-)

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