Thursday, March 3, 2011

:: latest buzz - ipad 2 ::

The most popular subject on today's Facebook status is no other than the iPad 2. Everybody is talking about it since early morning, wanting to buy and even highlighting about price drop for iPad (1).

Apple has announced its release together with specifications yesterday so most gadget freaks are enthusiastically waiting to grab the latest Apple baby. Well, who doesn't? iPad 2 is a lot thinner (33% to be exact) and a lot lighter (15% to be exact) if compared to the current iPad and best additional feature among all is the two cameras! Yes, you could take photos, do video call with the iPad 2... and I'm now filling with envy. Damn.

Peeps in USA could start making orders from the Apple website starting 11 March 2011. There is also special Smart Cover designed for the iPad 2 so customers no longer need to search and buy iPad casings elsewhere. Hrmm, what a good way to do business huh, Mr. Steve? (Memang tak kasi can orang lain kaut untung... tskkk.)

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Anonymous said...

Best kan iPad2? Mahu juga! I want one in green apple please! Or wait, maybe one in orange yumm! :p Tah bila la nak dpt tu

hazera said...

I want one! :D

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