Thursday, March 17, 2011

:: half year milestone ::

It’s the 25th week of pregnancy. Passed the 6-month milestone which in a way means I’ve been pregnant for half a year! It sounded long but honestly, I don’t feel that long. Despite this increasingly large belly nothing much has changed so far. I still eat like I normally did and I don’t have any specific craving. The only significant thing I noticed so far is the fact that I don’t like eating squids without any particular reason.  I still do the chores; sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilet and others but the difference is I get tired a bit faster than before. I admit there were still several challenges though like backache and late night leg cramps but as other women said, being pregnant is indeed magnificent and beautiful...and honestly, I'm so gonna miss this moment later.

Another 3 months to go for us to welcome our new bundle of joy. Two weekends ago (the evening after I got back from Zoo Negara) hubby and I went to Fitzrol and Delaila Clinic at SS19 Subang to do a detail scanning. We went after Maghrib prayer to reserve a slot and had dinner at one of the gerai while waiting for the doctor to arrive. We were the third couple and it was near to 10pm when we got our turn. The procedure started after a brief interview. First she put a heartbeat ‘thermometer’ on my belly which enabled us to listen to the lil’ one heartbeats. It was amazing listening to his/her heart thumping and there were times when he/she was kicking. Alhamdulillah, baby’s heartbeat rate was 151 per minute which is normal according to the doctor (normal rate is around 120 – 170). 

Scanning was next. Dr. Delaila started measuring the skull, explaining about the brain, measuring length between the eyes, counting fingers, showing heart pumping; measuring length of the hands and legs, and the list went on. Both of us were really nervous when she moved the scanner down, bit by bit from head to down further because we never knew what she was going to tell us next and whether there was going to be something wrong or not. Alhamdulillah syukur, everything was fine and our baby is growing healthily. The most anticipating moment was when the doctor moved around the scanner to reveal our baby’s gender. As some have guessed, it was clearly shown that our lil’ one is a boy. We’re going to have a lil hero in our house! The scanner was very clear because in the end we also managed watching him sucking his thumb in his mouth. What a cutey.

We were charged RM350 for the session inclusive of an extra RM20 for the CD image. I’m just sharing this in case anybody is interested to have a detail scanning there. By the way, that was only a scanning session ya... no medication whatsoever. Expensive or worth it you just decide.

Last Thursday I went for my regular check-up at the usual clinic in my office. Everything was fine as well and this time I’ve gained another 2 kilos. So far I’ve gained 7 kilos more than my usual weight and if I keep on gaining 2 kilos for the next 3 months it means I’m going to gain 16 kilos altogether. I’m not a dead freak when it comes to body weight and size but I’m still concern. According to an article, the first 10 kilos could be shredded easily after deliver but you’ll have to work for the rest of it. Ok, I'll take note on that. Anyway, the doctor gave me a tetanus shot because according to her some people died from tetanus before or after giving childbirth, so that shot is just for precaution and another shot will be given in the next check-up. As usual, she did the scanning and for the second time our baby’s ‘birdie’ could be clearly seen. Hehe.

It's high time for us to start baby shopping because so far we only have a set of feeding bottle, Quinny Buzz's basket and a red bag for our baby. We could now shop according to colour preference since we already know he's a He... and oh, his official colour would not be blue, but red. So don't be surprised to see a red stroller, red shoes and red whatsoever lah for the lil guy. But not everything will be in red laa... melampau pulak kan.
Wokeyh, this has become a pretty long entry, so I better stop typing. Last but not least, here are my 6-month looks wearing one new item each day:

New items from left to right
1. White top (Berjaya Times Square)
2. Pink cardie (Berjaya Times Square), Grey jeggings (Giordano) & Grey diamante flats (Bonita)
3. Blue scarf bought from officemate

p/s: I like the middle pic the most because I look thinner compared to the other two pics. Haha. 

p/p/s: Fila, that's my new scarf that I was telling you about. What d'ya think... should I invest more??

p/p/p/s: I've been shopping for 3 weekends in a row, so no more shopping for mama next month :-D


efaifi said...

tudung tu ade bunga kat blkg kan? hahah i have that one too in black but aku pakai bunga tu ke depan ehehe, best la tudung tu no need ironing :)

jini :) said...

wow bestnya pregnant.. huhu.. nak menitik air mata baca entry ni.. besntnya kak yatieee.. hehe.. and baby sucking his thumb? sangat comel.. sangat miracle..

jini doakan semua selamat..

p/s : mcm biasa, suka tgk style kak yatie.. pregnant pn comeeeyy n stailo memanjang.. hehe.. suka gmbar 1st.. nmpak sgt motherly.. :))

phatgurl said...

@efaifi: haah ada bunga. aku letak kat bahu sebenarnya tapi x nampak dlm pic tu. btw i'm wearing a black one today ;-)

@jini: tenkiu so much dear! satu hari nanti jini pun akan melalui pengalaman yg sama, insyaallah. papepun awak take care ye... dan blaja rerajin. i know u can do it :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news Siti. A little boy to love and cherish. Not long to go now .


phatgurl said...

Thanks wendy. Somehow time flies pretty fast these days...

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