Sunday, March 27, 2011

:: macaroon not macaroni ::

This is another food related post.

Yesterday BFFs came for tea. Nor bought this milkadeal RM12 for 12 macaroons promo. Since I never taste a macaroon and since she had to collect the cute delicacies in Subang, Nor kindheartedly decided to share it with all of us. Thank you dear, you're such an angel~! (ayat bodek sket...hehehe). 

In case you didn't know, macaroon is a light, baked confection. They were colourful, cute and very inviting but I must say that look can be deceiving. If I were asked to provide one short comment about macaroons, I'd say "too sweet" without any hesitation. I first ate the chocolate coloured piece and obviously the filling was chocolatey. I munched but couldn't stop making a face to hold its sweet taste. We can all get diabetic in an instant~! People have different taste and for me, macaroons are too sweet for my liking. Thanks Nor for giving me the experience to taste them because I never know when I'm going to eat 'em again.

Since we all live with at least one cat (Rabby got two) we couldn't avoid talking about things related to our furry babies. Later in the evening we all went out to Sheritans petshop in SS19 because I wanted to show and recommend the shop to my friends. So far Sheritans petshop never fail to give me good price for all the food as well as other items and they are selling the cheapest Royal Canin among others. Rabby intended to buy the same 2kg Blackwood for kitten, which came in an air tight container like the one I just bought 3 days ago for RM39 but it was sold out. Fila ended up buying 400g Royal Canin Hair & Skin (RM19) for Alvin because it worked well on KiKi. It is obvious that KiKi's fur is glossier, softer and shred lesser after eating a pack of those. The packaging even said that result can be seen after 21 days so hopefully it works well on Alvin too.

After visiting the petshop I insisted them to stop for another tea break at Ehsan, mamak near my house. All four of us ordered roti planta as recommended by me. Their crispy roti planta is scrumptious, although I have to emphasize on ensuring its crispiness to the person who took our order. When I ate the roti planta for the first time weeks ago, it was sweet and crispy until it made me ordered the second one right away. Unfortunately, the second one was different because it was neither crispy nor sweet. I tried my luck in the next visit but I was turned down again so yesterday I really wanted it to taste similar to the first one and finally, it did. We continued chatting before they sent me back and they all made their own way home. 

I love having my BFFs coming to our home sweet home or to be exact, I love spending time with my BFFs. Thank you for coming girls... and hope to see you again next time ;-)

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