Saturday, April 23, 2011

:: the final stage ::

Entered the third trimester two weeks ago, which means I'm now in the final stage of pregnancy. Already preggie for 7 and a half month, only 2 months (or less) left before entering the labour room. Frankly speaking, until today I never let my mind wandering to what's gonna happen in the labour room later so I'm still cool about it. Sometimes I do think we're among the coolest parents-to-be. We're excited to welcome the lil one but we hardly think much or freak out about what's gonna happen later. We do have our plan so we just go with the flow. Not sure whether that is actually a good sign or not but I believe parenthood will comes naturally when the time arrives. I don't intend to criticize, but being pregnant and expecting doesn't mean you have to talk about pregnancy, motherhood or parenthood all the time. As long as you already have plans for yourself, your partner and the baby, there should be nothing much to worry (and talk) about. 

Preparation for the lil guy is almost done. Previously I did share about our first baby shopping spree when we bought small necessary items like clothings, napkins, changing mat, etc. Around a month ago we did went for the second baby shopping spree though and bought  two major items instead; stroller and baby cot. Although some people said we can buy the stroller later, we still bought it early because the one that we want is always out of stock. After several research done by hubby, we have decided to buy the Quinny Buzz 3 and to be exact, a red coloured Quinny Buzz 3. Red Quinny is among the top seller besides black so they are mostly sold out. When we knew there was only one left in myBBstore, we didn't think further and went to their Kelana Jaya outlet straightaway to secure the stroller in Rebel Red. For your info, myBBstore sells a lot of baby stuff and offered good price for the Quinny Buzz 3 + Maxi Cosi Cabriofix combo. The only one left was the 2011 edition and it was a bit different from what we usually see in other shops before, which was the 2010 edition. 2010 edition comes with a stroller bag and another extra seat cover fabric, whereas the 2011 one doesn't has the extra cover and comes with a stroller basket instead of the bag. Since we already bought the basket way earlier because we never though there will be other different version, we requested the shop to change it with a bag and fortunately they agreed. 

Later that day we made our way to Ikea and bought a white baby cot and its accessories such as mattress, quilt, pillow, bedsheet and quilt cover set. From our research through internet and few visits to shops, baby cot and its crib set is quite pricey than expected. I insist of having a white baby cot to match our bedroom set and white ones are a bit more expensive than the biege coloured! The cot that we bought from Ikea priced RM399 but that is considered reasonable than what other shops are selling. Everything is all set for the baby now. Bee has assembled the cot two weeks ago and it is placed in our bedroom. By the way, KiKi tagged along when we did our shopping and she was "busy" too when we were assembling the cot. 

We have also tested the stroller and look who was enjoying herself, strolling lalala...

Everybody is saying that KiKi will be jealous when the baby is here later. No doubt, I'm a bit worried of that too but hopefully she'll be fine. She has cherished our life and been with us all these while, so she will still be our cat no matter what... Insyaallah we'll be one happy family, the four of us - hubby, me, baby and KiKi :-)

As for now, there's nothing much to do except washing the clothes and sheets with baby friendly detergent. I still have to run over the checklist to see what other important things are left to buy and also prepare "the bag" with items that are going to be used and worn in the hospital after labour. Oh, I haven't mention that my last checkup with the panel clinic was held last week, which means I will later have my checkups at the hospital instead. We have decided to have our baby delivered at Putrajaya Hospital, after being recommended by hubby's friend who has his baby delivered there end of last year. Apparently Putrajaya Hospital has a private wing or known as Full Paying Patient program to cater patients who require convenience of a private hospital at a government hospital. Patients are able to choose the specialist, given priority lane during checkups and enjoy other facilities at First Class Ward or Executive Ward. My first appointment due on 3rd May and I shall share my experience later. 

I guess that's it for the time being. Nothing much differs than previous months except gaining another 2kgs. I'm trying to be cool with it though... goosfrabaa goosfrabaa... Clothes are becoming more limited than before and like it or not, I think I still need to buy another one or two maternity tops to be worn in this last few months. Despite the challenges, I'm still thankful to be given the strength. Alhamdulillah I still managed doing house chores and other activities at work as usual although I didn't visit the kitchen much. I'm also thankful for having a husband who understands me and never fail giving his endless support. Thank you Bee and I love you with all my heart... mwahsss!

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