Friday, April 22, 2011

:: happy earth day ::

Hello peeps. Sorry for the lack of updates but it has been a very hectic week for me. I even left office after 9:00pm for two days in a row due to work and I couldn't wait for the week to over. Really need a good rest *sigh*. Thank God it's already Friday and do you know it's not an ordinary Friday cuz today is the Earth Day

In case you didn't know, Earth Day is a day dedicated to inspire awareness and appreciation to the earth. It was first held on this date, 22 April 1970 in US but then became an international event in 1990. I'm not a hardcore environmentalist, but I do support activities that are related to loving and preserving the earth; and I'm lucky working in an organization that supports the same initiatives too. Through out this week various activities have been conducted in Menara TM like writing pledges, bring your own food container day, quizzes and info sharing; just to name a few. Today, in conjunction with the big day we are encouraged to wear green in showing our support to the mother nature apart from other activities like collection of items for reuse and recycle programs.

It's never too late to show your support, so why not join the celebration? Simple activities like printing or writing on recycle paper, plugging off electrical items from the sockets, separate trash according to its types; either aluminium, glass or plastic and throw in recycle bins, going shopping with own grocery bags and many other simple, daily activities still counts. Let us appreciate what's left to be appreciated and let's go green...

Happy Earth Day

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