Monday, April 18, 2011

:: speechless sunday ::

Date: 170411
Time: 9:15 pm - 11:10 pm
Venue: Summit USJ

Speechless Moment #01

Him: Do you have this in size 5?
Male S.A: I'll check for you
*gone and came back later*
Male S.A: Sorry, size 6 is the smallest. Is it too big for you?
Him: The size fits me but it's a bit loose
Male S.A: Do you want to have a look at women's sandals? They're a bit smaller
Him: No
*after a while and before we left*
Male S.A: Don't you want to have a look at women's sandals because they are in smaller size
Him: Why should I? Women's sandals are meant for women
Me: (speechless)

Speechless Moment #02

Me: Is this white watch made of...errr...
Female S.A: Ceramic? No, that one does but it's expensive. RM990
Me: Oh, and it's nice... Can I have a look?
Female S.A: It's expensive. RM990. Almost a thousand
Me: It's quite big for me anyway
*left the shop*
Him: She thought we couldn't afford it. That's why she kept mentioning it's expensive
Me: (speechless) ---- grrr...

Speechless Moment #03

*Right after Scream 4 ended*
Me: (speechless)

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