Thursday, May 26, 2011

:: free mini lipice ::

I am a LipIce loyal user since univ days and a tube of LipIce Fruity lip balm is a must have item inside my handbag. It never fails to moisturise my lips and I personally believe it also protects them from darkening even though I've been wearing lipstick almost everyday for years. Their lip balm comes in 4 fruity flavours which are strawberry, grape, apple and lemon... and my favourites are strawberry and apple. Not only that, I also like wearing LipIce Sheer Colour which automatically turns my lips into natural pink without the need of wearing any lipstick. 

Last month LipIce Malaysia on their Facebook page launched an app called Society of Sistas which allow their fans to send cute photo message of themselves with their sisters or BFFs. Just upload a pic, decorate with available stickers and wallpapers, write a personalised message and send it to your sisters or BFFs. Best part of all is receiving a FREE mini LipIce in your mailbox like what I got 2 weeks ago:

Can you see the tiny mini LipIce Fruity?

How cute it is when compared to a 20 cents coin

Wanna have your own mini LipIce fruity? Fret not cuz LipIce Malaysia just announced last Monday that Society of Sistas is back!

Just like their page, join the app and wait for the mini LipIce to arrive in your mailbox. Thank you LipIce. Muahx!

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MeRy said...

I do received it too..and just posted it at my blog.

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